The Message From Source


So I was in Savannah this weekend channeling -

It's part of my life these days, but still peculiar, ok?

I was on a retreat with the indomitable Clear Coaches crew and my sHero, Susan Hyatt, in a safe and sacred container.  Which is good because I feel like my identity in this life is slowly oozing out of my ears.  

I don't know where or WHO I'll be in the next year and it utterly terrifies me.  I'm going through significant personal change and everything just feels incredibly difficult and oh-so raw.

And because a coach and fellow presenter from the Energize event in January was also attending this retreat I got prompted to start channeling.  You see, we all have our superpowers that we don't discuss and this one is coming up in spades for me. Even though it's not a service that I advertise and might not be for a long spell.

I'm still getting to know how that team (messengers of the Divine) wants to be heard, and when. The one thing I am not in any way confused about is the core of their message, which is absolute, enduring and potent love.

I may not be able to hold your hand and convey the message into your ears today but let me write it here and try to send it into your heart.  

You are SO loved.
You are SO protected.
All will continue to be well.
Have faith in yourself.
Have faith in divine timing.
Keep moving from love, not fear, to expand yourself.

With ease and grace for us all,

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The Message from Source
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