Just when I think I can't do less - I'm wrong


OhMyLanta, I've been going SO slow this month.

Just when I think I can't go any slower, I find another lower gear to drop into. 

This is important. 

As adults we rarely pause.

I'm three weeks into an intentional 60-day pause in my life. The terms? Rest. Extra sleep. Very few activities. Fewer items on my To-Do list. [They have transformed into To-Laters] Lots of connection of the heart - an exponential increase quantity of daily hugs, a surge in visits with supportive friends.

Lots of self-compassion. Indulging spur-of-the-moment interests. (Six books of Terry Pratchett's Disc World from the library? Done. Exotic Korean chicken wings and salad? There. Disinterested in sending out business newsletter consistently but amped about giving away Day Designer to tribe? Golden. Binge watching Netflix*? Check.)

I've been loving it.

I've chatted with a few folks about my pause and to a person, they've stopped, looked me squarely in the eyes, and commented with some slight variation, "This is a VERY GOOD idea."  Beforehand I had imaginary conversations with spirited objectors, "I'd better not share the plan with too many people. They'll think I'm whack-a-doodle." 

Instead, BEHOLD! I am greeted with love and ringing endorsement of my innate wisdom. So I just wanted to offer that to you today, my tender hearted souls. If there is something you haven't done for fear of lukewarm reception, screw it. DO IT.

And while I'll talk more about this another day, I wanted to end this love note to you with a message from Spirit:

Let Yourself Be the First Recipient of Your Gifts & Talents.

That homemade chicken noodle soup you spent hours laboriously crafting for your recuperating sister and her mother-in-law? Have a bowl for yourself.

You know how you're constantly telling weary souls at your day job to get a massage and a nourishing cup of tea? Get that on your schedule.

You deserve it.  And you'll be better equipped to spread your particular brand of magic in the world.

We are in a fertile expanse, my friend.  Pause well.

XoXo, Steph

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Just When I Think I Can't Do Less - I'm Wrong
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