I've Got Three Magic Words For Ya (My Treat)


I was reading last night, jamming through Wayne Dyer's book, Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting.

(This was briefly interrupted by a conversation with a friend in which I had a revelation about how deeply in this lifetime I've separated play and pleasure. More on that in coming weeks.)

And then I read in Wayne's material a description of another book, a very special one that highlighted the framework of Initiatic Science. This somewhat esoteric tome is named, Three Magic Words, and the ineffable secret that it contains? 

You Are God.

I'll write that again, as some of you are speed reading on your smart phones and need to slow down, breathe deeply, and take that juicy sauce in.

YOU. Are God.

And as I read that I felt a shudder, a recognition of Truth come over my body. You see, Starhearts, in the past few weeks I've had many experiences where people haveused their words to deny their power. And I've gotten very angry, very wholly (and holy) and righteously angry that these people would hide from their soul's calling and play small even as their physical bodies were slowly dying.*


*Pause for dramatic effect.  Hey, you remember that. Right?  Our unarticulated expiration dates?


I felt incredulous as my eyes lingered on the phrase. On the truth.

You Are God.

This small playing that I've encountered recently has felt wrong, wildly inappropriate and - #SpiritualLeadership - I've been specific about calling people on their bullsh!t. I felt a brief blush of sadness as I considered the lightworkers and healers that I know who are choosing to be tiny, to hide.  And then I got indignant AF.  

Who are these guys to remain small? When it's their life's work?! When so many need them? When there is suffering that can be healed with their original medicine?!?  It's complete cockamamie! 

Ok. Maybe I didn't use the word cockamamie.  But I felt the rise of fire in my belly. And I got up to walk outside and I saw a huge blast of wind come up, and a sheet of rain move down the street. As I walked down the block I felt the power of the wind on my back.

Shamanism speaks to the spirits of all things, in every thing. I felt the power of the wind last night. It is calling to you to be more respectful of the sacred contract that brought you here, which you initiated. It is challenging you to pay attention to it, and the rest of the earth and it's medicine, and the medicine inside of yourself.

And that is my medicine. To channel that message for you.

Stand up. It's game time. What's your medicine? Own it. Claim it.

You Are God.

With Love and Light from Mythical HQ,


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I've Got 3 Magic Words for Ya (My Treat)