I Got Called On My Bullshit


I got called on my bullshit yesterday. 


It surprised the hell out of me, let-me-tell-you. 


It was a curveball from a new "in-real-life-friend" so maybe that's why I didn't/should've seen it coming.

She remarked on the contrast between the messaging I provide on Facebook and my non-electro-life, based in particular on some crankin' tough challenges I've been navigating these past few months.

She commented,

"It's not all Starheart,"

"Let people help you."

I blinked. Several times. Then I impolitely stared at her as my Taurus neural pathways began to fire [in slow-mo]. 

As you might guess, I realized she was sure-as-shit-correct. 

[And in retrospect I am a touch crestfallen that I, as a Master-Possibility-Creator may have Unintentionally Redacted Space for people to freely share their shadows. All-Parts-Of-What-Is-Are-Meant-For-Our-Embrace]

So here is my invitation (oooops, there I go again) ----> Here is my REQUEST for support:

Send me some love, light and healing this week.

Hell if I've in any way positively impacted you through my presence here, or in real life, drop me a line.

I don't shit rainbows, dear ones. (Tho it might seem like it at times.)

I am also not a full-time unicorn keeper. (Tho, if you have a lead, #CallMe)

I do invest incredible energy in holding the vision for how we can be our best; shining powerful, positive light, transmitting uplifting messages and revealing the magic in our world.

That's part of Who I Am. What I Do.

[Always] An Ambassador for Kindness, Creativity, Optimism.

[Recently] An Intermediary for Messages from the Infinite.

[Ever] A Citizen of Hope.

Yesterday was a powerful reminder of the Requirement of Balance. The Ayni, or proper relationship of reciprocity, is truly the maintenance of life.

I can see clearly from this view how I've gotten stuck - overachieving in giving, impoverished in receiving.

Help me work on the Superpower of Receiving this week, Starhearts.

I'm open.


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I Got Called on My Bullshit
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