I Forgot to Make Time For You


I've been anxious, not having any messages for you, Starhearts.

It's been pulling at me something fierce.

As part of this weekend's Snowblivion-Snowpocalypse-Snowmaggedon-#WinterInAWeekend experience I had full space for stillness and deep listening.

I got quiet and asked my spiritual team [AKA non-physical allies gathered in support of my highest good] - 'So, what's up with that?  Is there not anything to say?  Why aren't I infused with support for my community?'

And the darndest thing happened. The message  - NAY, the TRUTH - that I got back was, 'You Have Not Made Time to Receive'.  

I was floored.  

As is typical with these transmissions, I was gobsmacked by the truth, the simplicity, and the sheer power.  

If you've been around Mythical HQ for a spell you know the unfettered ease that comes from receiving these messages, and the specificity of the language from The Team.  In retrospect I thought it illuminating that they said "made time" not "take time" - it felt like another poignant reinforcement of my power as a creator in the moment, and in this landscape of our lives.  To that end, I offer you this Knowing:

When you ask for support, it is given. This law is without exception.

As ever I believe with the strongest of faith that I am here for you, living this life, to give you these teachings, to let my labor translate into lessons that provide you with the utmost ease and grace.  It is with that understanding, Starhearts, that I invite you to set space aside *as soon as you can* to receive the divine wisdom that is ready for you.

It can be simple. As simple as asking the question, "What do I need to know in this moment?"  Just be patient, and ready to receive.

There is tremendous movement ahead for all of us, sweet tribe. I am so excited that we get to do this together! 

With Love and Light from Mythical HQ,


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I Forgot to Make Time for You
Stephanie LaganaComment