Hmmmm Horses are Magic


I finally experienced Equus Coaching this morning.

Have you heard of it? In the Martha Beck community, this is very much A Thing.

I met a lovely fellow coach back in January at a Vision Board gathering and he offered Equus - or horse coaching - to the lot of us for a rare small fee.

I signed up on the spot.

Because of divine timing this didn't pan out for several months. [I could say due to his busy schedule but seriously, divine timing.] So I found myself in the middle of urban Alexandria, VA this morning, down a small lane in a tiny suburb smack dab in the middle of a just-big-enough-to-see-all-of-it-at-once horse sanctuary, Little Burgundy Farm.

Having had several rather traumatic experiences with horses as a younger, and yet knowing the power of these coaching sessions from friends, I slapped my name on the sign up and deliberately asked very few questions [work with me here, it's a tried-and-true coping mechanism].  

Can I just relay to you that the whole event was a ridiculously magical experience?

I have been shifting through some deep patterns these past few weeks. [Holy crow! The energy waves have been extraordinary this week!] Identifying, articulating - so important! - acknowledging, appreciating, releasing. During the session a few crucial old records came up.

Towards the beginning of the session I recognized that I was ready to let go of my need to be in charge of, uhm, EVERYTHING and the horse, whose name is Bob, came towards me and settled in place near me. Just hanging out.  My fellow coach talked me through a few insights and Bob left to continue to circle around the ring.

Mid-way through our session I realized I was holding on to a burdensome sense of responsibility to the exclusion of pleasure and play. And I was ready to let go of it. At that moment Bob upended himself on his back, scooched and rubbed himself in the sand, and danced his feet in the air.  [I CANNOT make this stuff up!]

Finally as we were at the end of the session, my heart felt a softening and I realized how deeply I was ready to receive the support of genuine community. I have made so many strides in the past weeks and months but well and truly was able to receiveand Let the Best Person Capable of Leadership Take the Reins. At that point of Bob came around the ring behind me and moved his muzzle over my shoulder. 

A revelation. On so many levels.

As the session ended Sashimi [I swear, it's her name] let out a whinny and a loud "Ok, thanks for coming by" to both of us.

The energetic space held by the horse made me feel at once 1) magnificent and 2) incredibly powerful. I'm curious to see what the next few weeks bring but I'll know that miracles will abound.

There is so much here.  And hear.  I'll end with a quote that we both need.

You do not have to be good
You do not have to walk on your knees
for a hundred miles through the desert repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.
--Mary Oliver

With so much love,  XoXo, Steph

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Hmmmm Horses are Magic