Failure to Launch: Copping Out, Settling, and Other Self-Sabotage

I've been thinking a lot recently about the difference between Settling and Good Enough. 

(For those of you that have been here a bit you may know that I use capital letters to note Messages from Spirit or to call attention to Big Things. And this is really interesting because it's a combination of both. Might be the first time.)

I know at first blush it sounds like I've hit my head on my desk after zoning out at  But really I promise there's juice here - let me explain: 

Good Enough is writing an article, feeling like it could be better and hitting the Publish button anyway (because those edits you'd like to make will never happen and the whole damn thing will just collect virtual dust).

Settling is buying the house that's practical but doesn't nourish your heart because "fairytales are for kids".

Good Enough is the solution that can actually be deployed, as opposed to the perfection that is never quite... available for use.

Settling is not getting what you want and not trusting that something better can make its way to you.

Good Enough is knowing that you aren't the best at your craft in the world and showing up anyway because you have powerful gifts and talents to share.

Where are you settling where you need to stand firm?

Where are you pausing for perfection when you need to say good enough?

The right questions make all the difference my friends.  

With divine timing,