Are You Ready to Engage The Universal Field of Possibilities?


I had a sweet Vision Board gathering with other coaches recently.

Getting together with other lightworkers is one of my FAVORITE frapping things to do. I LURV IT!  There is nothing like meeting with other people that feel infinite worlds of possibility, that see beyond the veil, that are willing to be called in great service to humanity - it really revvs my engine...

And this meetup was special as an anniversary. One year ago this month I set my intention for significant transition in my life, changes that I had been dancing around like a credentialed belly dancer with flair. I needed to leave my partner. I had to find a new place to live. I knew it was time to step up and be seen in the world. And so on.

The host of last year's vision board party kindly offered to have the community over again this year. I was eager since last year was so stinking powerful it kind of blew my [not-so-stinky] socks off.  I was curious to see what might come next. Especially since I've just decided to transition to yet another location and been getting the not-so-gentle nudges for an even more incredible change in my business.

With that frame I skedaddled down south in an intimate setting for several hours of connection, secret soul whispering, and delightful oracle cards. [O.M.G. Have you seen Alana Fairchild's Sacred Rebels Oracle deck? It's so good. I die.]

As the evening progressed I noticed how even in the midst of fanning incredible flames of desire

build a retreat center! start an academy! swap coasts! move abroad!

there was also more than a little fire extinguishing propellant

I'd love a house like that, but I'd never be able to find something I could afford!
I love where we are at; and really I don't want to rock the boat.

And frankly, Starhearts, that caught me off guard. Not 'cuz coaches aren't fallible humans, we roll with the best of them. But more so because I like to think of possibility as a pretty coach-ey superpower. I reflected on this happening this weekend and as I sat with it I realized that I was being prompted to offer this wisdom to you. And thusly...

Three Tips for engaging the Infinite Field of Possibility:

1 - Claim what you want. 
Be specific. Be unapologetic. Don't get sidetracked by addressing the how.  [Does it really matter if your dream home comes by HGTV or business boom? Not so much.]

Humor me. Do this now. State it aloud or write down what you want. One item? Great. A long list? Spectacular. As crazy big or as twee size as your heart desires is purrrrrfect. 

2 - Take 60 seconds to revel in how you think you would feel when you get it.
The dream pad causes you to stretch and smile secretly? Go ahead, you bad girl. That awesome dream business prompts you to jump and squeeeee? Jump away. 

Your emotional state is a key part of the alchemy of transformation, and the engagement of higher frequencies. Go deep into the good stuff you'll relish when the dream comes true.

3 - Say Thank You, and give it up.
God, the Universal Program Manager, it doesn't matter. They've got the con. You need to get that cursed How out of your hands. [Let's be honest, we were never superb at it anyway - the handwringing, the fretting] Your role is to state what you want, understand the juice that you'll get from having that wish fulfilled, and get out of your own way [and out of your head!].

Express your gratitude for the magic of the Universe and be on the look out for your team shining their light your way. The Infinite Field of Possibilities has more potential ways of delivering the goods than you'll ever know. You are So Loved.

With Love and Light from Mythical HQ,


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Are You Ready to Engage the Universal Field of Possibilities?
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