My First Narcotics Anonymous Meeting Was Amazing


In fact, I've never felt so well hugged in my life.

I went in support of my dear sister-of-the-heart, who was celebrating an important anniversary, 30 years clean and sober. 

While we had talked many a time about different aspects of her journey I had not felt in my body the reality that we might never have met, that she might have succumbed to drugs, alcohol, violence. I had not felt into the experience, the possibility of never having her sweetness, warmth, and bad-ass-ery in my life. 

As I sat there listening to her recount her journey to recovery, it occurred to me on a cellular level, as if a button had been pushed and ALL OF ME was activated. I shared this with the group. And wept through a good portion of the meeting. 

I felt self conscious at first (I'm a decidedly quiet but ugly crier, all squinchy and contorted) but it wasn't long before others around me were sharing their stories and more tears flowed, on the diversity of faces around me. Tears of joy for my friend, tears of love, tears of respect, tears of empathic knowing, tears of anguish for their current, overwhelming hardships. 

As the evening progressed and the rituals of the group marched forward, I felt ever grateful to be there. And so blessed to have the gift of True Seeing.

You see, before I went to NA that night I thought it was about drugs. About restraint. About suffering. But having been there and experienced the sacred work of this group, my Knowing is that it is about LIFE. About being ALL IN. About ditching masks and filters. About staying connected. About surrendering to the power of community. About receiving. And witnessing.

And, most importantly to me, about being unblocked to the wide expanse of the human experience.  
My invitation to you today is to lean in to those around you.
To love and be loved.
To be vulnerable.
To choose to take the mask off, or not to engage in the filter.
To embrace with wide arms and open heart the full spectrum of the human condition. 

It is what we are meant to do.

And as I have recently seen and can attest, it lets us be our best.
What steps can you take forward, to meet the highest version of yourself?

Even if you are not ready (as for so many years I was not ready to release alcohol), I'd love to hear about that step. To witness you.

Comment below and let me know.

With all my Love, and the most extravagant, juiciest hugs from Mythical HQ,




Photo Credit: Jonny Clow

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My First Narcotics Anonymous Meeting was Amazing