A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Death of My Business


Oh starhearts. I couldn't See The Way through this past month.

Or more precisely, all I could see was death.

Death in my business. Which became death of my dream. And death of my highest expression of self.   

(If you're new here that might seem wildly hyperbolic. The kind of statement rattled off by a 24-hour news network to an audience depleted by insomnia. I assure you, while humor and hyperbole have a place in my life, it's not bandying about with the sustainability of soul purpose. That's just not my gig.)

I felt uncommonly present with the awareness of the steps I had to take. They were suffused with discomfort. And they felt atypical:

*Lead from a place of pain.
*Expose the present suffering.
*Ask for financial support [yes, you can still do that here -->  http://bit.ly/shinyinspiration].
*Act without a frappin' clue of what would come next.

On a scale of 1 to 10, the most nerve wracking item from that list is absolutely the last with a score of roughly positive eleven-ty-seven-hundred. There are so many behaviors that I've glommed on to over decades and more than a few revolve around Being Prepared! And fostering gentle maneuvering in the gentle direction of all myDesired Outcomes. And lofting into the future where I can Envision All the Possible Outcomes and choose the one that fits the social sauce...

So when I tell you that I thought my business was going the way of the dodo, please hear me. When I tell you I had no plan for what was to follow my last email to you, please grasp the implication. And if you've not been there recently, take a moment and let's embrace in this sacred space because, dangit, it's important.  It's in this uncertainty and fog that spirit truly reveals itself. It's this path that is the firewalk for wayfinders and truthseekers of all stripes.

As my father would say, Are You With Me?

A client return replied to my missive with this brilliance, go only as fast as the slowest part of you.

(I know! Right? Thank you again Laura!)

It prompted me to stop, pause in my tears and grieving and ponder. In that space I recalled a refrain these past few months, which has been on heavy repeat, driven by Spirit: 

"Life is happening For You, not To You, so How Does This Serve?"

And the answer is that there is death. And this death is in deepest service. 

The time for survival and meager sustenance is over. The part of my business that is dying here and now cannot come with me to where I need to go.
It cannot support on the journey that I must take. It will not be welcome in the landscape where I need to thrive. 
And ultimately too, the curtains that I've used for sneaky-peeking out to humanity are being pulled from the stage. That time is done.

So what's next starhearts? What golden treasure will flow to you from MythicalHQ?  

I asked. Somewhat insistently. [Natch]  I'll share with you what I got:

Shamanism, Chakras, Spirit Guides, Totem Animals, & Healing Light. 

Along with New Paradigms and Understandings of Intuitive Abilities, Spiritual Physics and Tools to Support Radical Ease & Grace.

Come with me starhearts - there are miracles ahead!


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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Death of My Business