Three Reasons Why You Need Righteous Anger In YOUR Life


Pops was an angry man.

His emotional and physical abuse was a persistent force in my life and has shaped my being to an incredible degree.   

I remember being on the cusp of puberty (11?) and coming into my power. He went to slap me and I squared my shoulders and said, "Go ahead. Hit me. Then I'll call the police. And they'll arrest you for hitting a minor."

He stared at me. And slowly, he started to laugh.

(I found out later from others his laughter was a "tell" for significant stress.) 

He backed off. I knew that I had a broken code. 

(Please note, this is not a pity committee. This was the perfect workshop to get me where I am today. Accordingly, your sadness is optional.)

My relationship between my parents was fractious at the best of times. My mother hated my father's anger. I remember the few times I let it be fully expressed as a younger I felt the full force of her condemnation. 

(I long considered Judgment to be one of her superpowers.)

I was a quick study. I internalized the learning powerfully, rapidly. Anger wasn't permitted.

This was tough. It's ache-worthy to cut off any part of you - but as a Wayfinder - a truthteller with a special ability for seeing through the myriad illusions of the modern world - it was particularly poignant to move through life and not have my indignation, my irritation as an advocate of the truth. For me my knowing is that to cut off holy anger is to slice at the core.

I've been blessed to unlearn this lesson as I've gotten older and found the purity of extreme circumstances to purge it away (my engineer and I would have a 'cup of rage' as we called coffee, each morning in Afghanistan). 

As always, I'm living this life, and ultimately the treasure is for you, Starhearts, moving through challenges so you can zip straight to the learning.  

Here is my Knowing Why Righteous, Holy Anger Has A Place In Your Life.  No matter who you are.

  • Emotions are not "valenced". There are no negative emotions. ALL emotions support us. As Karla McLaren so powerfully states in her work, each emotion deeply serves us by providing information that will drive us to the best version of ourselves, when fully expressed. When we dismiss emotions, we forgo the power of its gift. Anger is about boundaries, and what has been trespassed against. If you abandon anger, and dismiss the boundaries that have been violated, how can you reconstitute them? Learn more about Karla's amazing work here ---->

  • Expression of emotions is critical to spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. Your blocked emotions stay stuck in your body. Ever get a massage then start to sob? Your flesh is a veritable archive of unprocessed experience. What you resist, persists. If this piques your interest, check out Abigail Steidley's incredible mind-body work here.

  • Life is intended to be a sweet embrace. We are made better when we let all of it in. Made more powerful, through our surrender. When we welcome & integrate our shadow-ey depths, we are fulfilling our soul's destiny.

If this scares you just know that you ARE a strong enough container to hold multitudes, and you can survive the fullest expression of your anger. Even with that one situation, thing, person.

Even so. 

I invite you to explore this and see what happens. Will you let me know what shows up?

With Love and Light (and holy anger!) from Mythical HQ,


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Three Reasons Why You Need Righteous Anger In Your Life