Aieeeeee, I Was Ready to Go to WAR, Wouldn't You Be?


I was ready for war Sunday.

I had every allergy medicine, antihistamine, cough suppressant, homeopathic supplement, and immune supporting vitamin.  All. Artillery. On. Deck.  

I was going to tell my body who was boss.

I even put on my Slytherin socks to reinforce the point. 


I had already cut my work hours, cancelled a professional development workshop, and reneged on the commitment to attend an art soirée with a charming man. In short, I was HOT.

I could feel the weight of dis-ease in my chest and with a heavy sense of foreboding understood that Monday would not unveil my dramatic recuperation.

I huffed.

I puffed.

I tried to blow the pharmacy house down. (ok, J/K)

As the line from The Princess Bride relates, I found it Inconceivable that my body was failing me yet again.

You see I've had a long string of requests of my body, and several résumé-clinching wins followed by a string of disappointments.

There was the Varsity Field Hockey team in my sophmore year!

(Followed by the decade-plus spell of ankle injuries)

There was the Championship Lacrosse season!

(Succeeded by two, count them two!, twisted ACLs in a week)

The excruciating & wildly successful corporate career, including 20 hour days in Afghanistan!

(Tempered with night sweats, heart palpitations, panic attacks of multiple flavors capped neatly with an enduring adrenal condition)

As I'm coming to yet another poignant work transition (after 18 months of more change than many shiny humans will see in 10 years), I felt more than a little abandoned by my body.

More than a little tired of the treasonous excuse for a companion I was issued.

And God help me, I have a powerful non-physical team to support me, because in just a few short hours I realized just what a piece of work I was dishing out on my kindest, gentlest friend. 

By the evening I was whispering tender missives: 

I surrender.

I understand.

I'll give you whatever you need.

It takes as long as it takes.

There's no rush.  

I love you.

My coaching community leader, Dr. Martha Beck of Oprah fame, likes to use the phrase "Cave Early". You might think it more virtuous to battle on like a good soldier and slog through. (I certainly have.)  

But as a coach and shaman-born one of my responsibilities is to make all the egg-headed mistakes on your behalf, step in all the icky piles of goo, so that you can see a clearer path - so that if you'd like, you don't have to tread that territory. 

Trust me, Starhearts. It's safe to Trust Your Body.  It is your greatest ally, your strongest supporter, and it has all the information you need - there is but to ask.

With such Love and Light from Mythical HQ,


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Aieeeeee, I Was Ready to Go to War, Wouldn't You Be?
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