Leaving LinkedIn - And Other Areas of Incoherence


A few years ago, after much thoughtful prayer, I started channeling messages from the Divine. As time has passed I've noticed other abilities emerge. And what is fascinating and a twee scary is the more I try the more I can do. 

Over the summer I had a strong felt sense that there would be incredible energy and motion to the fall. So much that I started to make distinct changes in my life to prepare for it.

At some point in the middle of September, I started to doubt. And make amendments.

Oh, we can all be off, I suppose. Maybe I was thinking of next year?

And then, end September shifted things. And then beginning November upended things. And I look back now and easily connect the dots. Ah yes, that was it. 

And now as I intentionally feel forward into the energy of 2017, I have an unambiguous sense that we will all be challenged in meaningful, personal ways in the coming year. If you are like me and at times bob between Lightworker certitude and feeling human-small-and-scared, I would reassure you that the energy of the experience feels more like graduate school exams than say, the zombie apocalypse.

Simply put we have had a long study period and now we are being asked to uplevel in a remarkably comprehensive way. And what does that have to do with LinkedIn you ask?

Well, I realized I was posting my newsletter articles on LinkedIn out of habit and business caution, instead of unbridled enthusiasm and joy. And as part of my Knowing, that we are all being called to even greater personal responsibility and self expression, I am culling everything from my world that doesn't feel like a HELL YES.

(That includes an overabundance of digital newsletter subscriptions, old clothing, and a stunning number of unidentifiable electronic cables.) 

What I know for sure is that winter is coming. And that in order to survive and thrive in the new paradigm we must reach higher towards our soul's purpose than we have ever done before.

We must root more deeply into the ground than we have been, so we can rise higher than we ever have before. 

It's time to deepen your intuition, cultivate support from your Divine team, and get seriously playful about what we were called here to do. 

With Love and Light and a Conspiracy of Blessings,
Mythical HQ

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Leaving LinkedIn and Other Areas of Incoherence
Stephanie LaganaComment