Deepest Gratitude and What's on the Horizon for 2017


I'm going deep into stillness and peaceful quiet this week. Unraveling the year with Susannah Conway's review process and loving it. I'm thinking about you and all of 2016, and what 2017 will bring.


Let me start off by saying, yowzer. I've got so much love for you, dear one. Whether we've met, you've emailed, we've talked on a free call, we're Facebook soulmates or you haven't felt comfortable raising your hand to say hello... I just don't have words to offer for the profound joy-melt in my heart when I think of you. Truly. 

That's because it's my soul's calling to do this work. And you being here is a part of that path. So thank you. From all of my depths.  

What to expect from me in 2017

I've got an eye to what will come in the new year. Energetically it feels like we are raising the bar. If you've been working on stepping into the highest version of yourself this will likely feel like a track coach pushing you to peak performance. If you haven't been stepping up, I say with lovingkindness, an arched eyebrow and a firm tone, it's time to get on that.

While I'm open to evolution I know for certain this will be a huge year for me. This is now my full time livelihood and I'm committed to it on a soul level. That means you'll see more activity from me, more dedicated resources, and an increase of my visibility and the footprint of Mythical HQ.

My Spiritual Walkabout - I'll be traveling for 200 days to India and Peru, all the while sharing compelling writing, gorgeous photos of my travels, deep-deep wisdom and Divinely channeled messages. This trip is special, sacred space for me and I am planning on offering a select few clients the ability to work with me while I'm navigating the globe and taking in the power of the Himalayas and the Andes in the coming year. If you are interested in healing, coaching, and intuitive work via email, be on the look out for the application to open up soon.

The Inside Track, my six week class on connecting with your Divine Support Team and wildly cultivating your intuition. It's pure unadulterated pleasure teaching this class and oh, the shifts that the students are experiencing! I'll have rolling admissions in the coming year for the all-digital offering and expect another 'live' version of the class to unfold in late April (all-digital=Q&A support via Facebook forum only, live= Facebook forum plus group calls). 

My book, A Tiny Book on Big Fear. A book for Lightworkers who at times bob between certitude and feeling human-small-and-scared. This is the book I have needed to read in the run up for my walkabout, and a book that would have been a boon in the months leading to my departure from the government. 

Anyhoo that's what I know for now. I'm just as eager as you might be to find out what's on the other side of the year! If you have any special requests (blog post ideas, webinar topics, classes to run, you name it) I'd love to hear from you. Big hugs to you from me this season.

With Love and Light and a Conspiracy of Blessings,
Mythical HQ

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Deepest Gratitude & What's on the Horizon for 2017
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