Top 10 Reasons Why Visionaries With Moxie Should Hire Me [Apologies, Dave Letterman]


One - I'm an old soul that has reincarnated on this planet many a time. I have the lessons of those past lives inside of me: shaman, priestess, healer, medicine man. Need a spiritual mentor? Drop me a line.

Two - I have studied a wide variety of modalities in this lifetime -and others - and I offer that to my clients in session. Book whispering, crystals, thought work, sacred ceremonies, guided visualizations, working with non-physical allies and energetic guides. You get the benefit of my learning and insatiable curiosity! Need a gifted intuitive and coach? Send me a telegram.

Three - I am the confluence of woo and corporate wisdom. Be it your spreadsheets or your chakras - they do not scare me. Need a business savvy systems optimizer and channel of divine support? Send me a classified courier pigeon that sings a good love song.

Four - I am a creator of possibilities, an advocate of the unseen, a promoter and expander of potential. Whether your skills aren't in "that area", you don't know *what* you need, or you are too close to the situation I can open the aperture for you on a beautiful new landscape in your life AND your business. Need to see the forest for the trees? Ring my bell for help.

Five - I won the Listening World Championships in 2014. OK… No I didn't. But I AM an outstanding listener in a world that has lost this skill [in favor of the dreaded multi-tasking and productivity] and a highly entertaining human being [you know, important, since you'll be on my mailing list]. Ready to speak your highest truth, be witnessed and deeply seen? Pop a flare.

Six - I am a soft space to land. It doesn't matter if you think you are a brilliant bodhisattva or a crappy parent - if we work together that means you are a good [powerful!] egg and you get all my heart, kindness, and respect for doing the oft-times-rough-work of this life. Yep, that’s correct-a-mundo. I see you clearly and you are WORTHY.

Seven – I’m a dork, a nerd, a geek, a quirky [benevolent!] genius. DragonCon in HOT-Lanta? Check. Star Trek bling including the USS Enterprise Pizza Cutter and Tribble Slippers? Check. Polite crush on Joss Whedon? Check. Need someone who can have a good time with you and kick your ass better than Wharf, Data, Buffy, and Cap'n Mal combined? Set your phasers to STUN.

Eight – I have sass coming out of my pores. I will make you laugh. I will make you giggle [even if you don’t typically do that sort of thing]. The percentage of delight in your life will increase by 30% [without breaking a sweat]. In addition to being hella-fun this laughter will transport you out of the default stress quo and lighten the load on your adrenals. Ready? Snort and follow me!

Nine - I weave my quirky genius and love of trivia into my galaxy that you can explore as my client. Love random pop culture? I gotcha. Prefer Roman Stoics? I’m there. My natural ability to navigate diverse groups has served me well in this life and I can easily engage with you deeply exactly where you are at. Whether you need to get out of your own way and lead the ultimate Arctic expedition like Ernest Shackleton or pen the great American novel like Barbara Kingsolver I’ve got your back. Up to the challenge? Email me a catchy limerick about yourself.

Ten – I’m an Alchemist. By my very nature I transform dross into gold. That ridiculous thing from your past? There’s treasure in it for you, dear heart. And the best news is that I can see it even if you can’t… 

Ready to see into the Matrix? 

Come on Neo.

Let's Do This.

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[Apologies, Dave Letterman] Top 10 Reasons Why Visionaries with Moxie Should Hire Me