The Intuition Cha-Cha: Rest and Play Your Way to Success


There's been a tremendous uptick in activation energy among my lightworker friends. It's beautiful to see. People who have been hiding in the spiritual closet, discounting their gifts, are coming out powerfully and recognizing that it is time.

Time for them to stand in their power. Time for them to be in their fullest expression of who they are. Time for them to bring on their A-game.

And I'm also seeing (and feeling) a backward slide for some people. They are starting to get into their heads about what to do next. They are starting to feel the overwhelm because they can't see the five year plan. They are beginning to fidget because what they feel called to do makes them uncomfortable. And it's hard.

That's perfect too. Stick with me a minute. There's gold here.

What I know for sure is that the more important the action is in your world, the more challenging you are going to try to make it. It doesn't matter how simple it is - sharing your gifts on a free call, putting your art into the public eye, going on a trip to another continent...

Your mind will resist because it gets the sense that something different is afoot. The game is changing. And it doesn't like that. (Spoiler alert - it won't have priority in the system anymore)

So your mission is to understand that you are going to engage in wild acrobatics to avoid substantive work. Your job is to remember you will try to short-circuit aligned action. Your role is to be the leader of you and your energy, and get help when you falter.

Because what needs to happen for you to be walking your soul's path isn't complex. It really isn't. In fact the dance is as simple as this...

Rest. Rejuvenate the wellspring inside of you until you are full.

(Sleep! Hydrate! Get a massage. Have tea. All the restorative things.)

Then, when you feel the call to aligned action, follow it. 

It could be as simple as writing a newsletter. Or reaching out to someone you admire and asking if they need a podcast guest on your niche. Or tweaking your site so you can get feedback from clients that experience your work.

And this is really important, DON'T DO IT BEFORE IT FEELS RIGHT. It doesn't need to feel easy. In fact it could be really simple and feel SUPER FUCKING SCARY. See above.  It also doesn't need to make sense. It just needs to feel RIGHT. 

Pat yourself on the back for going with what wants to happen. Thank your Divine team for showing you the way. 

And then, rest and play. 

And repeat.

I know some of you are reading this right now agog. It can't be that simple? I have XYZ things that alters this formula.


Most of us in the western world are so FULL we simply can't hear the voices inside us. The insights from our Spiritual team that can draw us with ease and grace towards our soul's calling.

Which means you need to get some rest, a good meal in you, and YOU NEED TO LIGHTEN THE FUCK UP about this whole soul's purpose thing.

None of us are getting out of this alive. So why don't you indulge your spirit, your Divine team, and give this method a try? Today. This week. No excuses. 

Here's the last message I have to offer you today, dear ones. If you saw how far you were going to go in the next year you would be horrified and exhausted. Burdened. More than a little freaked out (hi, visibility issues, bonjour blocked receiving!). 

Spirit is doing you a solid by letting you take one, max two steps forward, then giving you time to rest and play. Now is the moment to get quiet, listen for the music and honor the dance.

With Love and Light and a Conspiracy of Blessings,
Mythical HQ

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The Intuition Cha-Cha: Rest and Play Your Way to Success