And Now For Something Completely Different: This Is For My White Women


My heart has been heavy this week. 

I was shocked by the election results, knocked off kilter by the intensity of panic from minority/LBGTQ friends, stung by sporadic hate crimes and harassment that have taken place in the election aftermath, and painfully disappointed by the reaction of several people close to me when I approached them about being allies for groups that have been targeted by slurs in prior months by the American President-Elect.

I wrote the words below for my white women - we/they/you are now the most powerful group to cultivate change on the planet. The US is processing a lot of karmic debt on behalf of humanity and the shadow side is emerging, and needs to be cleared. The best way for us to do that is to be the change locally, and step into our power potently. 

It's time.

With Love and Light from Mythical HQ,



Dear (Fellow) White Women,

We are now the most powerful people on the planet.

We have the ability to act as allies to people in need, the capacity to act as bridges for people in our lives that discount narratives from those that aren't white, and the strength to be the gateway from an age of conflict and limitation to an era of profound freedom and ferocious advantage.

The catch is... we have to go where we haven't gone before. Individually, personally, one at a time, we have to journey into conversations, thoughts, and experiences that we haven't seen, haven't been willing to have, or didn't realize we were empowered to do.

I want to hone in on that last point. It's important.

When I worked for the government I would so often find myself in situations where my peers were floundering because they were waiting for permission that wasn't coming, which they didn't need, or that they already (implicitly) had.

In recent days I have felt a sense of confusion and uncertainty for America, and for the world. On the most connected level, the Neo (a la Matrix) part of me can see how the election of a misogynist, racist, bigot would be the most provocative rocket fuel for every Lightworker/Healer I know to launch into the fullest expression of their gifts.


- beyond righteously claiming my own work -

-- and I recognize that is no small thing and I MUST do it --

what should that mean in my world? Day to day, how can I be the change? And what I realized was... I was waiting for someone to tell me what to do. 

I was waiting for someone to tell me which of the targeted groups of people I should reach out to in my life. 

Answer - all of them.

Even if they fall into the utterly Lilliputian percentage that voted in favor of the President-Elect, reach out because, CONNECTION.

I was waiting for someone to tell me which of the other white women in my life I should reach out to discuss how to be (better) allies.

Answer - all of them.

Because they are either already working on it and moving through their own confusion and uncertainty and need affirmation/support they are doing the right and moral thing - or they have internalized records and don't realize that the new President-Elect is scary AF for a broad swath of humanity - and they need to be educated. They need another white woman to give voice to what they haven't heard yet, or haven't been willing to acknowledge from other sources.

I know this is scary AF and confusing and vulnerability-inducing and that's OK. 

This is the sign you've been waiting for.

You are the person you thought would stand up to empower you.

You'll write the instruction manual on how to do what needs to be done, by doing it.

Sometimes you'll fail forward.

But by staying in alignment with your truth and your heart you'll keep coming back to your center and when you focus, you'll realize the next indicated thing. 

We can do hard things. 

It's time to rise.

Let's go.

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And Now for Something Completely Different: This is for My White Women
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