Let The Universe Delight You. [AKA My Pinterest Board Just Came to Life!]


The landlady had me recite e.e. cummings as my contract.
Needless to say, I've found my new place.  Huh, You say? 

Yep, let me rewind a bit. For those of you that have been here a smidge you know I've been on a pause. I ended a long term relationship, packed up my clothes and toiletries, and have been couchsurfing with a dear sister since then.

I made the choice from the start. It would be sixty days of "no holds bar" un-decision-making, no-critical-movement, fertile expanse to let bigger things expand.

Effectively I decided to have a delayed period where I did not choose to make a choice regarding housing, or I chose to make an un-choice. Oh, whatever. The next step would be to wait for the next step. Aho! Easier said than done.

*The social sauce of 'shoulds' made a play. [Fish and guests smell after three days!]

*My left-brain planning orientation started to pop flares. [limited inventory of real estate! lead times for moving companies! finances!]

*And yes, my lizard brain reared it's asymmetrical head a few times. [censored for civility's sake]

It was Friday night at the disco. AKA ALL the fear-critters showed up.

There was a certain charm to this as I'd had the intuitive hit in late May that I would need to truly take the time and allow myself what was needed. To fully respect the pause. I even told a friend, I think it won't be until the third weekend in June that I get my housing sorted.

[that's this weekend - and the Solstice by the way]

I did the searching of Craigslist that I felt I *should* do all the while feeling more intensely that I was wasting energy since my housing - and me - simply weren't ready yet. Fortunately for me Source supported me brilliantly. Craigslist, the typical listing service I had used for years, was filled to the brim with scammers, spammers, and jammers [Ok, I made that last one up!].

Finally I got wise and began to ask for referrals from friends. My bestie dropped me a line with two brilliant referrals. My coaching community surfaced a great recommendation. 

I got to see the house that emerged from my coaching community - it was farther away than I had hoped. It was small enough that I'd have to put belongings in storage. But as I drove away with a lightness in my spirit and a softness in my heart from the wonderful personal connection, I felt a firm commitment. I thought:

OK, Universe. God.  This doesn't light me up. But if I have to - I will. If I have to I *can* make this work.

At that point while driving back to my sister's I somehow took a wrong turn [somehow? #DCsFinestHighways], got almost immediately back on track, and found myself behind a lumbering multi-passenger transport, a coach bus. 

Except this bus was different. It was called the "Angelic Luxury Coach Service".  As I sat and processed this, feeling a tingle and laughter my eyes moved downward to the motto which read, "Come with me".

I gripped the steering wheel tighter and threw my head back to laugh. Ok, God, I thought. Ok. I'll hang with you for a spell and we'll see what turns out. I'm in for the duration.

Less than 48 hours later my Pinterest board, complete with an Iris Apfel style landlady, had come to life.  

As we concluded the call establishing the in person tour she ended saying, "I have purple hair". At that moment I felt a huge rush of energy flowing through my veins. Even as my left brain teetered in to "help out and manage expectations so I would be too disappointed if this wasn't my ultimate landing spot".

I told you. Full disco.

Two days later I arrived at the house and we hugged like family. Soul family. She smiled at me and radiated love. We walked in and I mentioned having a hedgehog. She paused briefly for effect, NO! Really? It's just that I have many of them at my office!

There were many other bits & bobs to reflect the magic and synchronicity but I'll close with these two.

As we were getting ready to leave the house she spontaneously decided to loan me a book to read. What was the book? Unlikely Loves: 43 Heartwarming True Stories From the Animal Kingdom. Those of you connected with me on Facebook or Pinterest will recognize this as a burgeoning obsession of mine.

And then, with just five or six more hugs, she invited me to reciting e.e. cummings in the driveway. Yes, starhearts, my rental contract is poetry. 

And that's about the sum of things here at Mythical HQ. For now.

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Let the Universe Delight You. [AKA My Pinterest Board Came to Life]