Ready for Lightning Fast Transformation In Your Life and Business? Do This...


In Spiritual Physics, I've described the concept of Energetic Entrainment. 

A high-falutin' way of saying, you cultivate the energy of  who and what's around you, or, even more exciting, you are managed by it.  

Accordingly a whip-crack fast way of cultivating change in your life is to shift the energy of what's around you.

I can hear you, Starhearts. But what does that even mean, Steph?!?!?

Bear with me here.  My Knowing is that:

Every possession you own is a relationship that you manage.
Every piece of clutter is a decision that is yet to be made.
Every physical thing in your environment is taking space in your psyche. 

You carry your possessions with you, in your mental processing. (Seriously. And scientific evidence supports this.)

It can either lift you up with jubilant joy, or weigh you down with regret. 

Before you nod, Of Course, and move on - take note: The difference between beginners and experts is 1) Consistent Action and 2) the Mastery of Fundamentals.  Here is an opening for you to practice and ultimately cultivate mastery. Hear me, and experiment. 

Fundamentals of Spiritual Physics: The Physical Space Experiment

Pick a spot in your physical space - let yourself decide intuitively. (It can be at business or home, tiny or not. It simply needs to be a space you can influence.)

Identify 3 objects in the area, at random. Pick them up individually. As you do ask yourself the question,Does This Bring Me Joy?

If not an instant Yes, your helpful brain may dive into a series of unrelated comments - how this is valuable, how it was given to you out of kindness, or how you may one day spontaneously develop a need for this unique widget. That's cool. Stick with it. Be insistent in asking the question until you get an answer. Yes or No. 

With that Knowing, you get to choose what to do next. Honor what shows up for you, and take action on it. 

Remember, your Clarity is what calls magic to you and aligns the Universe to support you.

Take time today to understand where you need to say no - to make room for energy of YES.  Then see how your world shifts in the coming days to deliver miracles in the space you've created.   

With Love and Light from Mythical HQ,


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Ready for Lightning Fast Transformation in Your Life and Business? Do This...