How You're Outsourcing Your Intuition


Peeps can be shutting down their intuitive flow in all kind-a-ways.

Some of it can look legit too: 

Here's my detailed agenda for my day tomorrow! It'll be so productive. 

and some of it is downright squirrel-y: 

I'm supposed to be married by now, dagnabit! He's a good guy. *sigh* I can make this work.

What I've noticed is the ICK factor associated with this Intuitive Misalignment can range from Level 1 [What!?] to EXPERT [YOUVEGOTTABEF%CKINGKIDDINGME]. 

Take a pause with me here.

Ponder where you aren't completely honoring your intuition in your life. It can be twee or hugenormous, but float to a place where you aren't allowing yourself to follow what You Know You Need.  An easy way to spot this is to consider where you aren't taking action, because you don't like the way you Should Be Doing Things.


If I gave you a bad*ss Alchemist Permission Slip, and approved you doing what you truly know you need, What would that look like? What what you do? What would you stop?


There's no shame in this game, Starhearts. Misalignment happens to all of us. It doesn't matter if you are a Level 90 Life Coach and Healing Elf, or you're the biggest Muggle in all the land and have never read a self help book in your life.  This dance is part of our spiritual workshop. And the contrast and experience of what suits, and what sure as shells does not, supports our highest self emerging in this life.

So, do me a solid. Get super savvy & be on to what it looks like when you are substituting other people's reference points for your own.  Here are some pointers -

When What You Want Doesn't Match the Approved Format: 
"I should want"
"But my parents will say"

"What will people think?"

When you're oriented to the way someone else would do something, or the sufficiency of the story you'll tell about what you want or what you've done - You've in the Land of Releasing Social Norms and Society's Expectations. 

Social norms are the accumulation of lifetimes worth of information, translated into appropriateness. It may be the best thing for you to have 4 kids. But if it isn't your true path, don't hesitate to claim what's right. Besides, do you really want the average of 7 billion people guiding your life? That includes Vegemite. Just saying.

When What You Want Doesn't Reflect Creative Response: 
"It was always a dream of mine"
"I have it all planned out"
"I'm trying to get through my to do list"

The sad truism is that we stuff our schedules full to try and fill ourselves up. It's easier to ignore soul-sucking jobs, unfulfilling relationships, and uncomfortable situations if we're rarely present (and skip over the master source of information, being in our bodies and feeling our feelings). Folks shift quickly from regrets about the past to planning for the future and avoid occupying the space in between...

The message from Spirit is: Reduce the level of planning in your life.

Structure is worthy. Consistent action in the general direction of your dreams is welcome. But be loose enough in your framework to let the magic in. 

The Universe has the best choreography around. Just because you don't know which song will come next doesn't mean anything is wrong with the dance.

With Love and Light from Mythical HQ,


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How You're Outsourcing Your Intuition