Remember Your Truth. Rekindle Your Fire. Take Bold Action Towards Your Dreams.

—  KNOW  —

Come Home to Your True Essence

To Know the way forward you must remember who you truly are.

You need to return to your essential truth. 

This requires understanding the journey that has brought you here. And owning your power.

Stepping Into Your Story Digital Packages with Steph are currently closed.

Three-Day In-Person Intensives will resume in Fall 2017.


—  see  —

Seeing the Way with Clear Vision

When you lean in deep to your Knowing, you create a life infused with ease and grace.

Anxiety drops away. Decisions are clear, simple.

(They often required extraordinary bravery, but you do not hesitate in what you know you need to do.)

One-on-One Coaching Slots with Steph are limited.

  • She has spiritual x-ray vision!
    — Rosie Dalton
  • Her groundedness and connection with the Divine is unparalleled.
    — Amy Bernier
  • She cuts through the bullshit with warmth and tenderness, holding space for me to move forward.
    — Marci Kobayashi
  • I've never been much for life coaches because I have always felt I should figure my life out for myself. Who is this random person to come in and tell me what I should do?? Steph changed that. Completely. Her coaching style is one that is soulful, truth-telling, and supportive without being coddling or condescending. She has multiple tools at her disposal to dive into the "good stuff" and is truly inspired by working with her clients. She digs deeply but only into whatever it is I want assistance with. She is willing to tell the truth from her perspective, and believes that every person has a path to walk that is sacred, valued, and unique. I have never been one to think that life coaching is for me. But Mythical Enterprises is for me, and it has helped me gain tangible results in my life such as a new job, huge personal growth, and emotional awakenings that have led to deeper relationships. I am really grateful for my experiences with Stephanie, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
    — Sara T
  • Steph is such a soul gift. Every interaction with her brings me illumination and deepening.
    — Laura L
  • I think more than any other coaching session I have experienced this has impacted me on a soul level. I feel like what came up during our session has become a fundamental part of me, like it's in my blood and bones.
    — Abbey Peters
  • She has an amazing gift and I feel so blessed I've had the opportunity to work with her. My life is better and my path is clearer! She uses all her senses but also channels universal love and Divine guidance.
    — Michelle D.
  • In session with her I saw how my purpose and business was going to have a global impact. A year later, things are coming into place so quickly and I'm connecting with people and places on an international level. This was the door that opened up EVERYTHING for me.
    — Christine
  • Steph surprised and delighted me with her magical, incisive coaching. She helped me shift my priorities by honing in quickly on my stuck places, which I simply could not see for myself. I loved how she treated my crappy thinking with easy irreverence - Steph was exactly what I needed!
    — Julie, JulieLamonica.com
  • I had quite a number of large life changes in process, and I was overwhelming myself with research and analysis. Blurgh. I knew I could get a beautiful combination of smarts, intuition, experience, and creative exploration in a session with Steph. My session with her was profound. I felt seen, understood, and supported. Her words and kindness have lingered, and I've been able to return to both as I continue to navigate my path. I've gained peace. Confidence. More levity about the whole damn thing.
    — Anonymous
  • She is an intuitive mystic and there is an energy about her that resonates. Totally reach out to her.
    — Kaliopi Nikitas
  • We began the Inside Track, one pre-work assignment and I'm already changed.
    — Julie
  • She has a magical gift for channeling clear and profound messages.
    — Sharon
  • Steph's intuitive gifts paired with compassionate listening and coaching skills will help you bust through the internal negativity and reach for your deep wisdom.
    — Angela
  • Reach out to her--she's a practical shaman. I'm a practical person and I love that her wisdom is actionable!
    — Kathy
  • Steph always seems to have just the right message at just the right time.
    — Julia
  • Steph's guidance was spot on -- you can trust what she tells you. Go for it!
    — Nona
  • Her entire message was life shifting!
    — Houkje Ross
  • Steph is pure in thought, word and action. She inspires and challenges me to be more ME. And she's funny and has a beautiful gift of writing with wit and poignant messaging that resonates with me.
    — Anonymous

—  DO  —

Aligned Action Naturally Follows Clear Knowing and True Seeing

After you remember who you are, and see the way forward, you must do.

It's simpler than it sounds at times. You're practiced at preventing yourself from moving ahead.

It's been a habit. And now you need to practice something different.

You'll forget why you began, and the potency of your unique skills. And you'll try to make it complicated.

I know, dear one. I've been there.

The Group Mastermind is currently closed. 

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