The thing is, Darling,

You will never be ready.


Ready is a dangerous dance.  It can be a toxic web.

Always just out of reach.  Ever a resident of "soon".

A lifetime replete with "Tomorrow".  An autobiography of "I could have".


You will NEVER be ready.

You will never be "comfortable".  You will never be "certain".

There will always be a ledge.  And a scary drop.  The key is,

Does the water look clear or dirty?  

If it's clear, guess what? 




For some it takes a collapse of physicality to wake them to the soul's trauma.

For others it takes a crash of dramatic proportions, the job/partner/house is gone.


You are the author of your story.

You are the [s]hero of your tale.


What life do you want to live? What tale do you want to tell?

Are you the victim?  Or the [s]hero?


No one else can do this for you. After all - 

No one will honor your unique and sacred

needs better than you.

Or best understand the gorgeous nonsense

that will make your soul sing.


(so start now)


There Is GREAT POWER in beginning.  

The Universe acknowledges when you shift.  

Subtle realignments occur to support you.

The Shift Can Begin Today, If You're Willing to Jump.

Steph has an amazing gift and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her. My life is better and my path is clearer.

I think people should know that all of her shows up. Steph uses all her senses but is also open to universal love and Divine guidance.
— Michelle