Are you ready to leverage your momentum?


and make your boldest moves yet?


Are you ready to take your clarity and connection with your Guides and move out even more powerfully into the world?

The Elemental Business Lab is my business building playground. It's where you take all of the awareness, confidence, and intuitive knowing that you've built through my Incubator and you unlock your gifts and talents for a broader audience, in bolder moves. 

That's right. I know it's scareciting!

More profit, pleasure, and clarity. Deeper rest, bigger magic, bolder moves. 


Right now the features of the Lab are as follows:

  • Two 90-minute group coaching calls per month. 
  • The Voxer Broadcast (You'll recall it from your time in the Incubator - all the latest insights and instruction, including details on energy weather, and important lessons happening for the collective)

The initial Founding Members of the Lab will have 1:1 access to me on Voxer!

This is a Monthly investment of $197, which means you can cancel at any time. The price you sign up at is your price for life - no matter what positive evolution there is (including my TBD creation of a group component) as long as you continue without a break, your price will NOT change.

EVEN IF you have spent most of the Incubator focused on your intensely powerful personal growth path, the biggest business moves you have to make are still within quick reach.



What if I can't make it to the calls?

No worries, I've got you. The calls will be recorded. You'll also have access to the archive of prior recorded calls. You can also submit your Qs to my team in advance.  

In session with her I saw how my purpose and business was going to have a global impact. A year later, things are coming into place so quickly and I’m connecting with people and places on an international level. This was the door that opened up EVERYTHING for me.
— Christine
She cuts through the bullshit with warmth and tenderness, holding space for me to move forward.
— Marci Kobayashi