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Remember Your Truth. Rekindle Your Fire. Take Bold Action Towards Your Dreams.




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I am so delighted that you are here! On this page you'll find a few essential orientation bits including how to schedule appointments, download Voxer and what may happen in coming days and weeks as you acclimate to a new mindset.  

welcome packet

If you haven’t already, download and review the welcome packet below.


I am on YOUR side. I am your advocate. Your tenacious supportive bull dog. I am not always with you though. So it’s time to develop (or advance) your pro-active self-talk. The highest performance people self-coach and self-soothe. That means you need to talk yourself into high gear, talk yourself down from the proverbial mental ledge, and be your finest permission slip writer. I will do all of these things where I can, but you need to do them too.


I am going to give you a job now which may make you uncomfortable at first. Your full-time responsibility from here on out is to find the thoughts that feel the best in your body. If you aren't familiar with body-based wisdom you may be surprised at the idea of feeling truth in your body. As a veteran wisdom seeker through the cells I can tell you 1) it feels wonderful and 2) it is highly fucking effective. The best way to introduce you to this is by example. I'm going to give you an example of finding and aligning with what is more true, and resting in that.

The original painful thought which feels icky-yucky-gross in my body is:

"My life is a mess. I need to get my shit together."

With a few minutes of stillness, connecting with my heart, asking my Guides for clarity the more truthful, better feeling thought that I come to is:

"There is a lot happening right now and I'm being shown what is working and what wants to change. This is what that shift looks like. I'm changing now and in every moment."

Feel the difference? Perfect. Keeping feeling your way through. Your compass points are love and truth. Your navigation heading for the rest of our time together is what feels better. Trust me, this works.


When we build new habits we are literally crafting new neurological grooves and connections in our brains. The initial time period when this happens can be distinctly, physically uncomfortable. It’s because we are going where we haven’t gone before.  (57,000 points for a Star Trek reference in the New Client Welcome Steph! <<fist pumps>><<curtsies>>).

If we allow ourselves to push through the stage of discomfort and uncertainty we come out on the other end with new habits and behaviors. That is a part of our practice! Finding the edge with spiritual discipline while staying in alignment with our deepest soul needs.


What happens to our lives when we allow it to happen for us, not to us? We relax, surrender, deepen our experience with the Divine. What I know for sure is that our spiritual team is trying to communicate with us constantly. Our Guides are always looking for ways to catch our attention, make us laugh, play, and provide support. When we lean in to this experience, things start to get really juicy and super frappin magical.

Your part in this is to scan the landscape for supportive signs that you are headed in the right direction (starting now) and to be open to the teaching wisdom of anything and everything including your problems. How is the unexpected traffic jam serving you?

CELEBRATe wins - no matter how small

When you allow yourself to go deep into gratitude and a victory dance for each win, you physically train your body with the feeling of success. That helps you remember the emotional state. It helps you return to it. On an energetic level we want to baseline ourselves to the highest possible vibration - it will magnetize us to even greater success. Which means wins = victory dance. Every. Time. Don’t skimp on this! If you need suggestions I have a WIN playlist here.


I ask that you specifically set aside time every week to do this work. Put hours you will work on your calendar, and respect them. This is your commitment to your soul’s calling. If you show up for it, it will show up for you! 

Each week we will move through a module of content together. I will send you the course module on Monday and a Celebration email on Friday. Each week I encourage you to check in on Voxer and share your successes, no matter how small, and also share challenges you need support on. The goal is not to solve every problem that comes up in your Voxer Team channel, but to maintain momentum and get support when you need it.



  • Look for the most powerful aligned action they can take and prioritize taking those actions first

  • Ask questions (including how to tweak what doesn’t quite feel right), and

  • Connect with Source and follow their nudges, NOT indulge/feed their mental chatter.

  • Do their Spiritual Discipline consistently.

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Each of our 1:1 sessions will be a combination of structure that I provide (pointed questions, agenda items based on my intuition and your goals, etc) as well as open time where we can address whatever is coming up for you. I invite you to ground and center five minutes before our call.


  • A Spiritual Discipline. This is something your future self does that you have not been able to consistently integrate. I ask you to do this every day of the Incubator. Don’t miss twice!

  • A Spiritually-Infused Focus for the Incubator - this does NOT have to be numerical. It does have to be wildly relevant to your growth.

  • Personal Affirmation(s) to bring you back to your highest knowing (in response to your biggest blocks).

  • Self Care Edit which are the next steps you can take to up level your energy.

Don't worry if, right now, nothing comes to mind. I will leverage my intuitive abilities to unearth material that is a good fit for each of these. We will discuss them and hone in until we come up with a great fit for each.

Every day, I ask that you do your Spiritual Discipline and honor your Self-Care commitments.

While you are in the Incubator I ask that you take a serious look at how much you practice consuming versus creating and flip it. I know in the beginning that you may not feel crystal clear on what that creation looks like, but the space from consumption is an integral part of you getting clear.

What does consumption look like? Scrolling the socials like Facebook without an intention or timelimit, reading other people’s newsletters, watching their YouTube videos or webinars or listening to their podcasts. This is YOUR time to create. It’s your time to rise. And as a part of that you have to control your incoming channels.



Scheduling appointments for calls (which take place in Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12) is done via TimeTrade.

Voxer for iPhone, Android, and Desktop.

Track how much time you're spending on social media with RescueTime for Desktop and Android.
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Guided Visualizations

The guided visualization below will help you connect to your future self energy. As you move through this if you feel social media is sticky, reflect on how she handles it.

*The recording will begin a few seconds after pressing play.

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Listen to the Connect to Your Future Self guided visualization FIRST. Next, download and complete the worksheet, "Success. Defined."

For all the worksheets you can complete them & share them with your Voxer team, or bring them to our 1:1 calls.



At the bottom of each page you will see links to move onto the next week or go back to the previous week. You will not have access to the next week until one week after you gain access to the current week but, you will always have access to the previous weeks.

If you have any questions about what you've read in this New Client Welcome, if there is anything that doesn’t quite make sense, just drop me a line -

For now, complete the pre-work, hop on over to your Voxer Team Chat and introduce yourself, and get started on any decluttering that needs to be done. Clearing the way of old energy will create a powerful space for the new incoming magic!

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