Remember Your Truth. Rekindle Your Fire. Take Bold Action Towards Your Dreams.

- MODULE 2 -




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Business is being in your gifts, and allowing people to pay you for them. It does not have to be more complicated than that. You aren’t required to have a website, an Instagram channel, a funnel, or a VA. You can simply practice your craft and let people give you money for it. Where so many folks get stuck is wanting to know the full strategy and end state before starting, and forgetting they are magical and they can use their magic in their business. Throughout this program you will see references to WOO. To me woo (or woo woo) is simply referring to the mystical, supernatural, including that which may not have much majority social acceptance.

Below is a series of channeled messages from my Guides on key business building principles in the new paradigm. They are great prompts for journaling and wonderful mantras. Explore them. Play with them. Breathe them in! See where you get stuck (in the manner of mythical acupuncture) and what feels hardest to believe. There is healing waiting for you there.

Separate big dreams from execution. Allow yourself to get clear on your desires. Your hungers are holy! Transparency, Vulnerability, Connection, and Play are Keys to your success. We’re being called to show up more than ever, and more of ourselves than ever. Inside Out creation is the Path. Feel your way forward and follow the flow. Consistency in feeling the flow and taking aligned action towards that flow will unlock magic and miracles.

Let go of outcomes. Allow yourself to be the conduit for the flow. Don’t resent what you create (or your audience) if people don’t engage the way you forecasted.

There’s no ONE thing you can do that will be more important than the SERIES of actions that you take over time.

Starting anything may feel hard, but your 13th webinar will be better because you did your first one. Allow yourself to iterate and develop your skills.

This is a benevolent universe and you are in the school of life. Your success is assured. Breathe. Focus.

Take aligned action. Experiment with ways for your success to come through.

Money comes from GOD, through PEOPLE, often via SALES. Grow your pitch muscle.

Confused business owners don’t sell, confused clients don’t buy. ACTION to foster CLARITY will be the continual goal!

Ease and grace always - but stretch yourself and move towards what scare-cites* you. It unlocks the energy inside the fear.

Entrepreneurship can feel so rocky, because you are the anchor. That’s why it’s important to cultivate THROUGH-LINES and areas of alignment. It’s also essential to maintain evidence of what’s working.

*scare-cited is Scared+Excited=Scare-cited!


In order to help you run a thriving soul-led business, we have to get back to basics. That's why last week we focused on creating sacred space (how'd you go? did you remember to unsubscribe from those lame newsletters you delete and never read? no? go ahead. I'll wait.).

We need space in our physical lives for the new opportunities to come in, and to get clear on what truly serves us. Another way that we will do that is by making internal space too.

One of the places where people are frequently cluttered is inside their head. Now, stick with me, I'm not going to ask you to start a meditation practice right here (but if your future self told you to do that last week - then... #thinkonit). What I do want to talk about is how what got you here, isn't going to take you to the next level. In particular how your mental machine got you here, but it isn't what will support your expansion.

To do that, you need to align with your feelings. Don't turn off. I know the way that sounds. You might have all sorts of stories around being able to trust your feelings and I really don't want to go there (right now). For now I want you to consider a completely different way of understanding your feelings.

I subscribe to Karla McLaren's work on emotional fluency. And like her I believe that emotions are action-requiring programs. There are no good emotions and no bad ones - although some sure as shit feel more comfortable than others! They are simply asking us questions and inviting us to take steps - sound crazy? Stick with me.

Her work, The Language of Emotions, is a fantastic orientation to our emotional operating system. But while I want to teach you about this critical concept, I don't want to send you completely into student mode. (This is a long term game after all) So let's start with three emotions. Now keep in mind that these emotions can either be expressed or repressed. If you refuse to feel them and honor the questions they are asking the water can get murky right quick.

  • Fear. What an old friend! That really truly gets a bad reputation. Fear helps you to focus clearly on the present moment. Fear gives you additional energy to respond and keep yourself safe. Fear asks the question, What action should be taken?
  • Anger. Such a trustworthy ally to help you know who you are! Anger is about boundaries and self-awareness. It helps you set and maintain effective interpersonal boundaries. Anger asks the question, What boundary must be restored? What must be protected?
  • Confusion. In her work, Karla separated emotions into distinct categories. There were two masking states, apathy (which masks anger) and confusion (which masks fear). Confusion happens when there is too much input and awareness is diffuse. This can be a helpful time out from overwhelm, but it covers what is actually happening. There are conflicting stories showing up inside and ground truth needs to be found. Confusion asks the question, What is my intention?
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Get Out of Overwhelm Worksheet

Here is a Get Out of Overwhelm Worksheet.

Please use this anytime you notice that you are feeling overwhelmed. There are probably patterns to your overwhelm and this will help you deconstruct it.




Get the most out of the Elemental Business Incubator by following the Module 2 checklist. Download the checklist and check off each step as you go!

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The challenge, starting this week, is to find the flow inside yourself (tapping into your truth and the Divine). It may make no logical sense! Honor that flow anyway. And cultivate deep listening and aligned action around that flow in your business.

When you listen for the whispers from your Guides, you will hear messages. It’s when we are caught up in the muggle struggle or make no time to listen that things get super complicated and gross.

So, deep listening this week. Playing with the frame that I am offering you here. That you are deeply Guided and powerfully connected. That what you need to do is honor the work-rest-play cycle your team is asking you to do.


  • Reflect on The Lie of Scarcity - Scarcity of Money, Time, etc. - what hooks you the most?

  • Make a list of activities to outsource. This can be for five years down the road if delegating/hiring feels impossible right now. But start the list. Things that take you a long time to do, things that feel hard, things that feel not-fun.

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Guided Visualizations

*The recording will begin a few seconds after pressing play.

After you connect to the Soul of your Business you may want to create a Pinterest board and gather visual images to help you connect more powerfully with that energy. Whether you are more visual or not I highly recommend meeting with the Soul of your Business on a regular basis!

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Listen to the Connect with the Soul of Your Business guided visualization FIRST. Next, download and complete the Module 2 worksheet, "Inside Out Creation."