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- MODULE 6 -




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Managing your mindset is one of the most critical things you can do for your health and the health of your business. So why did we wait so long to talk about it?

Well, we needed to create space and cultivate an opening in your mind, and your energy, in order for this conversation (and the work!) to land. A few things to consider:

Mindset comes BEFORE the circumstances you want.

Mindset work is best proactively BEFORE you experience any dip.

Mindset work should be FREQUENT and CONSISTENT - consider this mental hygiene and treat is just like brushing your teeth!

The goal here is to find tools that feel supportive and then change focus in those tools as triggers and fears evolves. For instance, one week your affirmations are about money, the next week they are about time. You are still doing the technique of affirmations though.

Mindset work is dependent on you. You need to show up for it. I can’t make you do it, though I can help you explore resistance to it that shows up. Of all the things we have talked about, I consider this the most important. We’ve actually been doing Mindset work the ENTIRE time. This is just the spot where I ask you to more formally engage and consider this and the future of your practice.

You will not find six-figure (and beyond) business owners who skip mindset work. So don’t skip this either.

Note, the less time you think you have for it, the more important it is!


I suggest a mindset bookend. That means starting and ending your day with mindset work. What mindset tool should you use to start and end your day? I recommend using your Spiritual Discipline as your start and testing another tool for the end of day.


Pray Rain Journaling - Great to start and/or end your days. You write from a place of future success and talk about all the wonderful things happening!

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)/Tapping (especially useful for those with a history of trauma or intense anxiety) - I recommend Brad Yates channel.

Affirmations - Great to start and/or end your days. If you want to use this tool, I suggest writing down positive affirmations 55 times, for 15 days. Positive affirmations can be around money (Money comes to me easily) to clients (Clients find me everywhere). Feel free to ask me for help to create affirmations. It can be fun to play with writing these out and placing them in different spots like your desk, in your wallet, on your bathroom mirror (dry erase marker works wonders).

Abraham Hicks Prosperity Game - This is a wonderful method to raise your money vibration.

Gratitude practice - A great way to end the day. Write down a list of ten things you are grateful for. This will absolutely change your brain chemistry and help you always be on the lookout for wins. Which is a SUPERPOWER.

Time Capsule - Record a pep talk for yourself when you are riding high and feeling strong and joyful! Stash it in a place where you can access it easily and listen to it when you feel yourself sliding into fear or panic.

newer to personal development and coaching?

Two resources that might be supportive for you are first, this reference on cognitive distortions (basically ways that your thoughts can submarine or sabotage you). And second, especially if you find yourself getting stuck with unhelpful opinions this ‘thought trial’ worksheet can be useful to extricate yourself.

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Let’s talk flow and mojo. Resentment and anger can block your expansion.

It’s essential to clear those energies to keep the energy clear and flowing!

I recommend clearing these issues as soon as they come up.

One way to do this is through a journaling practice. You make a list of why you got provoked, what you made it mean, and forgive each of those things. I suggest writing this out long hand on paper.

You could also write a list of situations and people that have provoked you and burn it with a candle. Always practice safe burning.


If you notice some dense energy or surprising insights. Use the process below to clear any anger, frustration or guilt. The forgiveness practice is a wonderful way to shift energy any time you have resentment rise up, which is important for keeping your energy flow strong and clear.

  • What are the challenging thoughts? (Make as long a list as you need - the first time it may be several pages!)

  • What have I made this mean?

  • Write out “I forgive and clear” and name each instance.

  • Forgive yourself for your role in the situation.

  • Cultivate sacred space (lighting a candle works well here!) and offer love and light to all involved.



Get the most out of the Elemental Business Incubator by following the Module 6 checklist. Download the checklist and check off each step as you go!

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Guided Visualizations

This visualization will help you connect with the wisdom of your body which is one more piece of the puzzle in mastering your mindset.

*The recording will begin a few seconds after pressing play.

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Listen to the True North guided visualization FIRST. Next, download and complete the Module 6 worksheet, "Mindset Mastery"