Remember Your Truth. Rekindle Your Fire. Take Bold Action Towards Your Dreams.

- MODULE 1 -




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The goal this module is to start to understand that there is a different way of being, in life and business.

Many of us want the five year strategic plan, with subcategories and milestones, information fleshed out in triplicate with justification.

The truth is, if we knew how much we were going to do it would SCARE us. And we would get bored. And likely work ourselves to the bone without any play to get to that end destination. The Divine doesn’t want that for us - the boredom, the overwhelm, or the overwork. So it gives us nudges in drips and drops - just enough to magnetize us forward, so that we can take action. Then rest. Then play.

Except that if you don’t realize that is the framework, you might get antsy or upset at not knowing how it’s all going to turn out and not do ANYTHING. This is a challenge, because we learn more about ourselves and get more information from our Guides by being out in the world. One step at a time, the path is unveiled. Aligned action cultivates clarity. We learn more about ourselves and our genius by taking action that feels right in the world.

That’s why it is essential to learn to love the process and craft a process that honors your natural gifts and talents. (No worries dear one, that’s what we do here in the Incubator!)

We move SO MUCH faster when we are soul led. It’s the difference between a premium Formula One race car and a donkey and buggy. It’s incredible.

But what does it take to be soul led? We have to be in alignment. We need to take action that feels good (not what “we should” be doing). We need to rest and play and allow work to be one part of the sacred wheel of life. We need to honor our thirst for water and deep sleep and high quality food. We need to cultivate stillness, allowing our thoughts to settle, and move in our bodies.

This way of being entails a level of trust and faith. Trust that we are in Divine timing and purpose (everything is happening for us, at exactly the right time and place - and if it looks like a problem - we are being called to other things - being held back to be in the perfect place or not given what we want so as to get something better).

Modern society tells us that rest is a luxury. That meditation is for privileged people. That play is for children. But in truth, the higher truth, rest and meditation/stillness and play is an essential part of our operating system. That’s why things can feel so hard. Because we are ignoring the truth of what we want, what we are being called to do - living in peaceful alignment with ourselves and the world.

It’s important that we start here because some of you are actively getting messages from the Divine urging you to rest. And when we repetitively ignore the messages we get from our non physical allies, the messages slow down, get softer, or stop. Or even more interesting, the volume increases and choices are made for us. (Like getting sick because you refuse to rest!) Stepping into this paradigm asks that we shift into a space where we slow down, deeply listen, and honor the messages. It’s juicy!!!! Trust me, it works wonderfully.

It’s important to note, when we get stressed out, we panic and activate old patterns. We fall out of alignment with ease and grace and the soul-led plan of inside-out creation. When that happens we have to recognize the spin out, choose to stop it, and come back to the higher truth. We’re going to establish your key business building, income-generating activities in coming weeks but for now I’m asking you to start to strip down what isn’t serving you, and take my permission slip that you can rest and play (it will be productive!). We use structure and plans to feel safe, the new plan under this paradigm is to cultivate stillness, listen to the nudges coming up for you, and edit “Shoulds” from your life.

The overwhelm skyrockets when we try to get perfection without the process. If you saw how big you were going to be you’d slip your socks. Narrow focus (just this week, just today) also eases the tension. Don’t focus on execution of the big picture - use it for orientation. Each week I’m going to ask you to schedule sprints. Areas to play with and focus on to make progress in your business. These will be substantive steps. They may cause you to be afraid. This is natural! Fear is a Lighthouse - it shows us where our power lies.

I’m asking you to start now to celebrate your wins and feel them in your body. This helps you align with JOY which is the vibration that brings money IN. Cultivate your successful mindset by scanning for the wins, no matter how small. Breathe. It’s all going to come together.

It’s natural at this point to swing between incredibly excited and super scared. That’s because you’re rounding the corner to make a landing with your Calling. It’s useful to note that you may feel the overwhelm and grind. Don’t create from this place. Instead, pause, and allow yourself to re-align. When you do business from this space your energy can spin out. And crashing helicopters don’t do you or anyone else any good!

You don’t have to react to your thoughts. If there are thoughts that are hamstringing you, flip to the empowering opposite. I love using mantras as pattern disruptors. You have to choose to do something different. I am holding space for you to step into your next level - but your actions and energy make it so. This includes choosing not to be triggered by old issues. Choosing to see, honor and align with the higher truth.



Get the most out of the Elemental Business Incubator by following the Module 1 checklist. Download the checklist and check off each step as you go!

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  • Creating a Sacred Space where you can work on your business.

  • Discussions on Upper Limit Problems* - What They Are, Why They Happen, What They Look Like - What upper limit have you had in the past? If you have not read this book - it is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend working through all of it.

  • Sacred Contracts Overview - Which of the four key Divine Archetypes** do you resonate with the most?

Share your insights with your cohort on Voxer!


  1. Feeling Fundamentally Flawed

  2. Disloyalty and Abandonment

  3. Believing More Success Means Bigger Burdens

  4. The Crime of Outshining

Whatever hidden barrier resonates with you the most is where you can start doing your mindset work. Come up with thoughts that are more true than the limiting beliefs. For example, people like me get to have wild success. I’m helping everyone by succeeding. Success means more support. I can uplift others as I rise.


Here are some of the common ways the four key divine archetypes play out in real life.

  • The Child: The Guardian of Innocence - Many types including the wounded child - constantly wanting the approval of others.

  • The Victim: The Guardian of Self-Esteem - Blaming others for your circumstances. Engaging in extended periods of self-pity. Feeling more powerless than powerful.

  • The Prostitute: The Guardian of Faith - Hustling for worthiness. Doing things because you are good at them rather than because you love it.

  • The Saboteur: The Guardian of Choice - Winning a huge opportunity and failing to show up.

Consider how these archetypes resonate with your life. Remember, these are helping patterns. They are intended to show you your power and educate you on key soul lessons. Shame is optional as you reflect on habits and how you may have been blocked in the past.

So, what do you do when you know the archetypes resonate? Talk to them. You can ask them questions and learn more about the patterns that have been shaping your life. Remember, everything is in Divine purpose and timing and there is a reason why this is showing up for you now.

One more note on these - not everyone will resonate with archetypes. If your brain gets foggy or you just can’t seem to “get it” skip it. No harm, no foul. You are totally in Divine timing and purpose.

Here are four interview questions you can leverage with each archetype that resonates:

  • Why did I choose you?

  • How does your shadow self influence me?

  • What have I learned lately that comes directly from you?

  • Are there patterns in life ready to shift because of insights around connection with this archetype?

Explore them and get to know another deeper part of you and what you came here to learn!


Business hours are an important reflection that you are in business. When you are committed to the process, you show up. You don’t overschedule appointments over business hours (unless it’s urgent) and it’s a reflection of space you use intentionally. It’s not a place to be scrolling social media for updates from friends, or consuming content from other people (webinars, newsletters, no matter!). It’s deliberate space to create for your people, take aligned action in response to your nudges, move towards what scares you (showing up in your gifts, being visible, pitching your services).

Business when you are exhausted isn’t business, it’s desperation. I recommend that you set business hours early in the day, especially if you are exhausted by day’s end. It doesn’t have to be long. It could be 15, 45 or 90 minutes. As long as it is intentional space where you methodically pursue your path.

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Social media will consumes more time than we realize. A casual bout of surfing can turn into a two hour deep dive into the belly of the beast. I highly recommend that you set up specific times during the day to check social media, and only do it then.

If you are super-tuned in to social media, I suggest you start with three timeslots of 30 minutes each during the day. If you are not saturated with social, experiment with one or two 45 minute blocks. Set a timer. Be clear about your intentions before diving in.

I know that can be so much easier said than done, but self-discipline coupled with alignment IS what will take you from trance like consumption to aligned creation. Aligned creation translates to major momentum and profits.

There are three types of social media activity for purposes of our time together: scrolling for updates, engagement with groups, and posting your material.

If you have a large amount of friends, you can create a custom list of people that you really want to hear from or share with. Add them to the list. This will help you use your limited time more effectively. You can create a family only list, a woo-friendly list, a list of potential clients, current clients, etc. This resource shows you how.

Engagement with groups can be a great way to generate visibility. With the caveat that you need to find a group that has great energy, and you need to be open to doing this over a long period of time (several months). If this feels delicious and you need ideas try one of these three groups: The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur and Uncaged Lifers.

I highly recommend a tool like SmarterQueue for posting material to your Facebook page. Most of your early business is going to come from referrals and more direct connections. But if you really feel energized about business page posting. I encourage you to automate and leverage your content. SmarterQueue can help.

Finally if setting a timer isn't helpful, you can leverage a tool like Kill News Feed (Chrome extension) in order to prevent you from getting distracted when you login there. You can still check messages and post updates, you just won't get distracted by the scrolling Facebook feed.

If you feel caught up in the energy of social media and aren't sure how to shift it, there will definitely be work for you to do in the coming weeks.