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Remember Your Truth. Rekindle Your Fire. Take Bold Action Towards Your Dreams.

- MODULE 9 -




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Have you noticed that you get a lot of what you expect in life?

When you expect the traffic is going to be shitty, it’s usually a snarl.

When you expect the call with the utility company to suck, it’s often hellacious.

We are telling the energy in us, and around us, how to form with our faith and expectations. (A fancy way of saying your expectations ARE your intentions.) When you decide things are going to be hard, you are heard.

This week we are going to be talking about marketing! For some of you that is queasy-fying. I get that. But you’re here, with me, a very special Guide, and I do things differently. I want you to decide (and join me in believing what I already Know To Be True) that marketing can be A LOT OF FUN. Marketing can be a direct reflection of who you are. Marketing can help you grow in a way that is delicious for your soul.

Marketing can be so easy. It’s talking about your work. It’s being clear about what you do. It’s making it plain how people can purchase your services. It’s striking the balance between being out in the world and broadcasting your Light. It’s creating content that feels delicious and connects with the people you want to serve.

In the muggle world, inviting people in is called “inbound marketing” and going out and finding people is called “outbound marketing”. Those muggle things can fuck with the flow so let’s skip those terms. Just know that you can be a beacon and call people in, and you can also put your content in front of people out in the world.

In my magical multiverse, we are the Lighthouse, not a conveyor belt trying to drag people toward us. We don’t hustle for clients, we do our work out in the world and we attract extraordinary clients. As part of this I want to point out that being your remarkable self, all of who you are, out in the world and talking about your work, cultivating deep relationships IS a business maneuver.


Be who you are, out in the world. Stretch where you go. Build more relationships. Be thoughtful about the themes you discuss as they are a useful way to showcase your passion and wisdom in your work! Be intentional and consistent in showing up to serve your people.

I want to point out the word, consistent. I meet a lot of newer entrepreneurs that get frustrated when they put out a social media post and no one comments on it, or an offer and no one buys it.

There is no one activity that is more important than the series of steps you will take as an entrepreneur. Which means, no one post is more important that consistently posting and showing up. No one free resource or workshop is more important than consistently offering value to your audience. That's why it is so important to find marketing activities that feel delicious and reflect who you are - because they need to be fun and aligned to be sustainable.

There will be times of planting seeds in your business and harvest. A lot of attention gets paid to harvest (Money! Clients!) but planting seeds is what makes those wins possible. Get comfortable with the mindset of the long haul. This isn't a sprint. 

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You’ll see some mention of potential ways to market in this module. It’s essential that you start with something simple that is focused on what you LOVE and are passionate about - not what you think people will be interested in OR what you decide is objectively effective. There are a million plus ways to run a profitable business. Your essence energy comes through when you love it and are passionate and it gets BLOCKED when you are thinking about what others want. The language can shift - and you may need to anchor the language in concrete terms for your clients. But start with your FLOW and what FEELS good for you! You can trust that.

One of the things I feel energetically and intuitively is that people feel immersed in marketing. They feel surrounded by it. They don’t like it. They feel like they are struggling with this. But what I see is that people are NOT doing marketing. They are engaged in the consumption of information around marketing. Instead of creating material for marketing. Make sense? That might look like reading newsletters on business building, watching webinars on SEO or client attraction, seeing the highlights of other people’s posts in Facebook groups. THIS IS NOT “DOING” MARKETING.


  • Writing a newsletter to your email list and talking about the latest thing you learned, asking them to schedule a call with you,
  • Recording a podcast and talking about your philosophy,
  • Creating and cultivating a Facebook group,
  • Starting a Meetup group and fostering in person connection and practice your leadership,
  • Going onto Facebook (personal or business page - you can share between both) to do a Live each week and sharing a brief video outlining your insights from your work,
  • Hosting a free call for your audience and talking about the latest topic you are passionate about and the current way to work with you,
  • Doing a five day challenge for your people on how to cultivate a skill that relates to your craft.

This is all about consumption versus creation. Be thoughtful and self-aware. How much time do you spend creating on any given day or week? Creation does not include sharing quotes from other people on social!

The idea here is - how can you attract people to you? And how can you encounter them in the wild?

Ultimately you create your own culture. Your audience learns your terms, your concepts, your framework and your philosophy. The sooner you grow this the better! That entails self awareness, play, and feedback from your people.

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Marketing has to sync with YOU. Are you a writer? Reach people through words. Are you called to video? Show your self there. Do you prefer in person energy? Focus on local exchanges (going to existing groups, creating your own, doing events, etc).

Experiment. Stretch yourself. Get out of the bubble of your peers.

Control your incoming channels. Spending time watching other people reduces your time for creation. It also increases your “Should” factor which crimps your flow.


De-emphasize process and credentials. Your industry lingo isn’t guaranteed to translate and more importantly doesn't touch people in the heart. I recommend talking about issues that feel important to you. Be real, be you. Talk about the experience of being in your practice. Talk about why you are in business. Share your vulnerability inducing aspects as you feel called to it. This is one of many places where your clients will connect.

The more definition you have around your business, the more comfortable you will feel with what you do and who you serve. This comfort is important. The more comfortable you are and the more knowledge you have, the more you will be able to powerfully serve you audience. (And if you're not there yet, don't stress. Starting is essential to get to mastery!)

It's important to be clear about who you are and who you are for because energetically that draws your people towards you. It also emotionally and logically weeds out people who are not a great fit for you. Which in turn makes your sales conversations extremely simple.

When people show up in those conversations with you, they are hungry for what you have to offer and they are a great match. Can you imagine if someone who didn't like cuss words showed up on a sales call with me? Or someone that wasn't into the woo? This is one of many reasons why you want to be who you are in your marketing, not a watered down version of you.

So one way to move into this is to consider, if you knew only your biggest fans were watching, what would you talk about? You can start to talk about that, whatever it is, NOW.

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Get the most out of the Elemental Business Incubator by following the Module 9 checklist. Download the checklist and check off each step as you go!

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Alignment - Align with Source (inner).

Connection - Move in the world and meet people (outer).

Service - Be of service to others (outer). 

Creativity - Generate material to serve your people (inner).

The natural marketing method is a simple, soul-aligned way to market your work. It consists of inward and outward Facing components. It’s based on your strengths and gifts.

Mythical Enterprises' Natural Marketing Venn Diagram


Alignment is as simple as it sounds. Get rest, connect with your truth and the Divine. If you aren’t in this space, why are you working on your business? What mindset is driving not tending to those needs first?
Alignment is deeply personal. I ask that you brainstorm a list of people, places, activities that connect you and disconnect you. Then look at how you can honor that in your day to day.


Connection is expanding your network. Business building is a long term effort. Customers may not buy from you for several years (or they may hop in without even speaking with you). The point is, embrace marketing methods that feel delicious, because this can be the rest of your life! That said, money comes from God, through people, via sales. What are you doing to expand your network of people? Social media, like Facebook and Instagram, can be a remarkable way to meet amazing people you wouldn’t encounter otherwise.

Actively cultivate relationships with high quality people. I recommend reaching out and engaging with at least 1 new person a week. More if you are actively trying to expand your client base (2-3 people per week? but don't strain your energy if you are an introvert!). How do you meet new people? Ask friends for connections ("Do you know any awesome people I should connect with?"). See who Facebook recommends. Connect without any intention to sell - just engage and deepen with wonderful people.


Our Calling asks that we be of service in the world. I strongly believe that purpose-driven entrepreneurs benefit from being service oriented. In part because we are asked to be in the world, in part because talking about our work and using our gifts with others HELPS US LEARN ABOUT OURSELVES.

What does service look like? It can be free mini sessions one on one, a free call or workshop for your audience, a new kick-ass resource that addresses a prominent issue for your people.


You have a special way to help others learn based on your background. What is your perspective on the topics you are passionate about? What are your terms to describe key concepts in your field? What your are metaphors to distill essential knowledge? If you feel called to it you can build new tools. Create new frameworks.

If you struggle with creating awesome content, consider the common questions that people have about your work. Are there 2-3 questions that always seem to get asked? This is a pro tip: You might think that what you do and your method is super obvious - but you have to dial that level of clarity and obvious-ness up to level 15 (on a scale of 1 to 10!). Make sure that if you have a blog you have articles that address those 4-5 issues that always seem to emerge in session with clients. 

Remember, there is no giving away the farm. People don't buy information. They buy perspective. The best way to find out what your people need, is to ask. A popular technique is "The Ask and Deliver Method" which is, you guessed it, where you ask what people need and then you create and deliver it. This can be as simple as posting on your Facebook personal page "What's your biggest challenge with _____?" (where the subject is something you focus on in your business) - when you create your resource (a video, an article, etc) use their exact language. 

For instance, I've asked this question and had business owners tell me, "I feel overwhelmed about what I'm supposed to do everyday so I wind up scrolling Facebook for hours." So I created a resource for business owners to know exactly what to do everyday (instead of scrolling Facebook for hours). 

Another way to go deeper with this technique is to follow up with questions to people that answer. If they say their biggest issue is with _____, ask what they've done to solve it. Or their biggest frustration with the popular guidance around how to solve that issue. (For example, what’s your biggest frustration with your health? Everyone tells me to drink more water but nobody tells how) This is part of a business tactic called “The Blue Ocean Strategy”. In this way you address not only the challenge they are experiencing but also differentiate what you do from other practitioners. WINNING!

diagnosing MARKETING problems

There are four types of marketing problems. You need to address all of them. And they need to be resolved in order, elseways you are spinning your wheels.

1. The offering isn't sourced in your gifts and talents so it doesn't HUM with your energy. Blink. Everyone passes it by.

If you are here, revisit Module Three on Soul Genius. Email me! We can discuss in session too.

2. The product doesn't meet a pain point that your buyer feels. Blink. Potential customers don't care.

Do the Meet Your Soul Match Client guided visualization (below). Connect with your person and their world. Get really clear on their needs. Shape your offers from that space. You can also use the Ask and Deliver method described above.

3. The copy doesn't engage the emotions of the buyer and evoke urgency to solve the problem. Blink. The audience moves on.

Ditch industry jargon. Use customer language. (TIP: You can ask your former clients and your audience about their problems!) Focus on benefits, not features (the transformation they can experience from your work not the length or number of sessions).

You are always welcome to ask for support any time you need to, that includes when you are writing copy. Email me or sign up for one of the copywriting sessions! We can discuss on our 1:1 calls too.

4. The offer isn't finding the people who need it. Blink. It doesn't land and the money moves on to other things.

Do the Client Amphitheater guided visualization. Think about where you and your words need to be in the world for your buyer to see them. Broadcast as needed (online and offline). Create content that is what they need to hear and is deeply of service.

Most people are trying to solve #3 and #4 without tackling #1 and #2.

If you don't resolve these in order, you'll wind up with pretty copy that doesn't sing with soul energy or beautiful marketing that doesn't meet a need.

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Guided Visualizations

*The recording will begin a few seconds after pressing play.

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Listen to the Meet Your Soul Match Client guided visualization FIRST. Next, download and complete the Module 9 worksheet, "Your Natural Marketing Magic."




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