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Remember Your Truth. Rekindle Your Fire. Take Bold Action Towards Your Dreams.

- MODULE 4 -




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I have built in space inside this course to support you in digesting the material. If you need it, this is a week to catch up on program material. And if you can, I encourage you to pause a bit. It’s great for your creative flow and intuitive alignment, to turn your attention elsewhere and let things gel in the background for a bit.

This is a great week to dive deeper into your alignment, cultivate the energy of your future self, practice living “As If” you are your future successful self.

If you have space and want to play, while you are inhabiting Your Future Self this week, you can do this exercise.

“I’m no longer available for ----” and write what bubbles up from inside you.

And list what limiting beliefs, behaviors, and old patterns you release from your life. Take as many pages as you need to use. It’s liberating as all heck!

If you feel sluggish with this, write the phrase on a page and stick it - something powerful wants to surface.