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- MODULE 5 -




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I totally understand if some of you are cringing about this module’s content.

Money can bring up considerable anxiety for people and in that we have a tremendous opportunity to flip the story. Your future self is at ease with money, checking in regularly with it, enjoying the flow of it into her life, blessing it as it moves out. All of this happens with grace and in the absence of triggers or trauma. So how to get there? We explore and heal your stories. We create new connection with money and anchor new ways of being that honor how you can be in deeper relationship, and flow, together.

This is a dense module in the sense that there is a lot of energy to move through and clear here. It also entails inner work and I challenge you not to skip that. It is the portal to your next phase!

Some orientation. This week’s module is broken into four parts: Exploration & Forgiveness, Connecting Practices, Affirmations and Blessings. All of these parts are important so show up for the inner and the outer dimensions.



Get the most out of the Elemental Business Incubator by following the Module 5 checklist. Download the checklist and check off each step as you go!

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We start with exploring money.

Grab your journal and take undisturbed space to connect with your past.

  • What is the relationship with money in your family of origin? (Usually this involves parents, but pick the people who were most influential in your life and reflect on their story.)

  • What is your relationship with money?

  • When did your relationship with money first start? How did it first begin?

  • How has your relationship with money changed over time?

  • What would you like your relationship with money to be?

  • What new belief about yourself do you need to have this?

For purposes of this week’s teaching I want to use these frames for relationship with money. There is no correlation between bank balance and these lenses. (And notice they are the shadow, oriented to the challenge and not the pleasure!) You can mix and match the first with the others.

Money Avoidance - When you want to avoid managing money, including deferring responsibility for it to your partner, a trusted financial adviser. Or you cram money management activities into one burst because it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Money Slipperiness - When you spend money more than you would like, and feel like it flies very quickly through your hands.

Money Tightness - When you don’t spend money easily, including on things and experiences that give you pleasure, and insist you must conserve it regardless of opportunities that come your way.

These frames are prompts to pursue more awareness in your relationship with money. For each, there is an awareness practice that you can bring in to shift your experience.

For money avoidance, you can start by acknowledging that having a relationship with money can empower you in your business. You can have your first money date.

For money slipperiness, you can practice presence in spending and also challenge yourself to come up with creative ways to meet your needs with what you have.

For money tightness, you can experiment with spending money on your self care and allowing yourself to receive without guilt or self-criticism.


Money loves attention. In order to open up to money, we have to be more than fair weather friends with it. So many people love their money when they get to spend it, and ignore it the rest of the time. In order to call in money you need to give attention to it, honor it, and express gratitude for it.

Anchoring in concrete money practices will help you deepen your relationship with the energy of money. I recommend all business owners meet with their money daily. If that feels like too much, connecting with it weekly is a great start.

Clean your wallet and handbag. If you have a wallet that is in disrepair, consider getting it repaired or replacing it.

Meet with your money. Get clear on the balances you have (savings, debt). Understand your monthly income needs. Your business will benefit from you having a clear eye towards incoming money as well as outgoing expenses. You can also celebrate the value that you receive and all of the wonderful momentum you are building.

Set a soulful income goal for the year and keep it where you can honor it (on your altar or by your work-space - where ever it feels like it will support you and not drive you batty!).


How to have a Money Date: I like to light a candle and play music like the Devi prayer. A good place to start is gathering together any bills that you have as well as any paid invoices so you can understand your year to date expenses and revenue. It can help to put on comforting clothes or an empowering outfit as you pursue this work.

As above, so below. This means going through old papers and receipts. Getting caught up on your bills and paying any lingering debts you owe to others. You can use old gift cards. Let the money circulate.

You can use this worksheet here which helps you track income for the year (along with enrollment conversations!). Do not edit this sheet - make a copy FIRST (Click File, then Make a Copy) and then edit the COPY only.

As general guidelines, you want to celebrate and bless all incoming money (seriously from pennies to $1,000). Money is money is money. No matter the amount. And it responds to your energy. So notice and clear any resentment that shows up very quickly. Forgive what you make it mean if you make $1,000 but not $10,000. Forgive how you act towards yourself and others.

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Affirmations are a powerful way to direct the focus of your subconscious towards what will support you. If you use your phone extensively I recommend setting up a reminder that prompts you with the affirmation daily to remind you to speak it aloud. You can also journal with these, writing them down 15 times at the start or end of your day.

Money Avoidance

  • Money is safe for me to explore and connect with.
  • All my money is energy awaiting my command to create good in life.

Money Slipperiness

  • I am receiving infinite, inexhaustible and immediate abundance.
  • All the money I spend enriches society and comes back to me multiplied.

Money Tightness

  • There is more wealth in this world than we could ever fathom.
  • All the money I spend and earn brings me joy.


Claim the power of your conscious connection with money and spread your Light this week through two small but powerful blessings.

1. Set up a small donation to a charitable organization, in honor of your practice. I recommend a $10/month contribution to an organization that aligns with your values. As someone who benefits from new age understandings, I support indigenous communities.

First Nations Development Institute at time of writing is four-star rated on Charity Navigator - if you need a specific reco.

2. Put out $20 of single dollar bills out into the world. Bless this money in a simple ritual. Use the power of your words and the force of your intentions to call in Divine energy and infuse these dollar bills with miracles. Then, put them in your wallet and sprinkle them out into the world in the coming week.

3. The practice of calling in money also necessitates clearing out the pipes of receiving. I believe the best way to do that is to engage in self-care and allow others to support you. Take time to do a simple self-care ritual. It might be taking a bath, enjoying the starlight from your porch, allowing someone else to wash the laundry so you can rest. Deliberately engage in an activity that you wouldn’t typically do, that you find rejuvenating, and bless this as part of your practice experiencing abundance in your life.

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Guided Visualizations

*The recording will begin a few seconds after pressing play.

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Listen to the Connect to the Soul of Money guided visualization FIRST. Next, download and complete the Module 5 worksheet, "The Soul of Money."



Multidimensional Money Masterclass*

*This class is approximately 2 hours and fifteen minutes and include an energy edit and healing intensive. I do recommend you take it in one stretch if you can, or split into two parts. Like all my work it is essential you DRINK WATER to support the clearing process.

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