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Remember Your Truth. Rekindle Your Fire. Take Bold Action Towards Your Dreams.

- MODULE 11 -




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Messaging is the art of communicating with your people.

Things that I want you to understand about Messaging:

It may never feel 100% natural or totally easy.

There is an entire industry of people who do this (copywriters!) that you can hire for this.

Regardless of where you start in terms of understanding, and how far you go, it will get easier.

What makes Messaging easier?

  • The more client work you do, the easier it is to speak their language.

  • The more you write to just one person, the easier it is to know what to say.

  • The more you ask your Guides to help you connect energetically (and set your intention to do so), the easier it will be for the words to flow.

This applies whether you are filming videos or writing newsletters/social media posts.

It’s really important to hear that - if you are a writer, write. If you are a speaker, speak. Don’t feel like you have to compromise or go against your strengths to “do a good job”. Soul-led business is oriented towards what works for you. 



Get the most out of the Elemental Business Incubator by following the Week 11 checklist. Download the checklist and check off each step as you go!

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I want to point out one place that could be very powerful AND very uncomfortable for you in messaging. It’s your divergence.

This is what makes you different from other practitioners.

You might say, No Steph! Standing out is dangerous. We must blend!

But standing out is what is going to make you the profits because it distinguishes you from the crowd!


Here’s my example.

When my first business collapsed I spiraled downward. What could I do if not my souls work?!?

But God was showing me energy in one place. Around marketing. Around business. And I thought, Dear God why would any trust a former government employee to teach them about entrepreneurship?!?

But of course it was way bigger than that. My skills were bigger than those labels. And what I didn’t see coming was that people were fascinated by my background. They loved it. And it was a powerful differentiator from other practitioners in my field.

So, now I’m clear that my old career is part of my angle, my divergence.

You may want to hide what makes you different but that very thing will help you stand out and be more profitable. Read that again.

The Art of Storytelling

Humans love stories. We are built to respond to them. And emotionally we connect more deeply when we are told stories. What does this have to do with messaging?

Your life is a story. If you get stuck for inspiration you can find it in simple things that happen in your day to day. (This is a great way to write your newsletters because it shares your life and connects the day to day with your wisdom)

You can write sales pages and social media posts and newsletters - all as stories. You can write stories and connect those stories with calls to action for people to change and sign up and work with you.

Have you ever landed on a website only to be sucked in or looking over your shoulder because what was on the page was describing exactly what you were going through? These are stories. They are powerful.

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What Messaging Do You Need?

Now, this isn’t a grocery shopping list. This is something you develop over time (maybe with the help of a copywriter!).

  • 2-3 great pieces of content that solve a problem for your people

  • 3-4 great social media posts with a call to action to come into your world

  • 1 sales page that describes your thing you want to sell and connects with the soul match client that wants it

Not a lot, right?

You don’t need a lot. It just needs to land. Quality over quantity. Every. Time.

A Note About Programs

Many of you will come into the Incubator with a program (course/package/offer) or have an idea (or several) during your time here.

A note of caution about your messaging for your program. I see a lot of entrepreneurs wanting to name their programs something complicated or metaphorical.

I want to urge you not to do that.

When you name your program something that isn’t immediately obvious (even if the explanation required is ‘only 30 seconds’), you limit your potential buyers to the people who already know you well.

Those are the folks that are sticking around long enough for the names to make sense.

Naming of the program may take up a lot of your time. It may feel emotional. It may feel significantly more important than what goes into the program or even the marketing for it.

This could be self sabotage.

Either way I want to encourage you to invest time and creative energy in more than just the program name. And I want you to consider selling your program or package WITHOUT a name! Why? Because it’s not as important as you think it is. It’s the results that your clients want that matter.

Selling without a name (or a bunch of branding) also helps you to focus on what matters which is - do your people want the offer? Does it resonate with them and help move them forward?

Oh, and on that note, let me also highlight another place where entrepreneurs get stuck. Identifying results on their sales page (or posts). Newer business owners will say, I can’t guarantee people will get XYZ results!

That’s okay. These aren’t guarantees. These are intentions. These are goals.

As long as you are in your integrity about the work you do, you’re good.

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Pain Points

So let’s talk pain points. There is something icky in the online marketing world that’s happening and I find it to be pretty objectionable. It goes something like this

Paint Points.JPG

I don’t think you need to stab people’s pain points (and make them feel bad) in order to get them to buy from you.

I think the way to get more people to buy from you is to get more clear on what they need and provide offers that address that.

Anyway - I want to speak to this directly because I see a lot of icky advice online and I want to steer you away from that.

Yes, for sure, you can tell a story that is clear about where they are frustrated and help them see how they can move faster to where they want to be.

And you don’t have to poke sticks at people in their tender bits in order to do this.

The alternative is to tune in to the transformation that you want your people to experience - and highlight that. 

Related, in order for this to work you have to be using your clients language. If you are trying to help your potential clients solve a problem they don’t think they have, it doesn’t matter how good your offer is, they aren’t buying.

So that means you have to stay focused on the problems they know they have (not just on the underlying issue you see they are getting stuck with).


Write to ONE person. Ask your Guides and set your intention to connect to them emotionally and energetically first.

Start your copy in the middle of the conversation. Look back at what you’ve written/said - often times I can trim the first paragraph or top third of my material to edit out the justification or unnecessary intro.

Write from the heat. Get angry about a norm in your industry. Read bad advice. Explain why it’s terrible.

Gush over someone (celebrity crush?) and wax poetic about how fabulous they are. Switch from fan girling over Jeremy Renner to writing your post.

Write more than once. Try writing from multiple angles.

Become your own best editor or ask a friend. Set the material down for a few days and read it aloud. Does it sound like you? Is it the way you would talk to a friend?

Brains go to sleep. Disruption helps people stay tuned in. Maybe you need to ditch the common words in your industry - or use photographs that are uncommon. Or just tell stories that aren’t associated with your work. This is a great thing to discuss with your Voxer team chat. And there will also be a partnering session in Phase 2 where you can discuss this as well. 

Collect client language.

“I’m so frustrated because I’ve spent so much time creating slides and fiddling with technology and nobody even attended my webinar!”

“Are you trying to optimize your funnel so you can generate more client leads? We’re your acquisition partner!”

Both of these sentences allude to the same problem - but they focus on a different market - because they use different language. 

Collect ads and great writing, awesome talks, etc. Notice what calls to you. Headlines matter. So do visuals. You can collect the email subject lines that speak to you most powerfully and catch your attention. Same thing with visuals.

Now, what happens if you write something great or do a Live/record a video and there is heaps of engagement and folks love it?

REUSE IT. Always always always. I cannot stress this enough. If it works, reuse it. (And that applies for your methods too! If having a webinar works to get clients, do it again)

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Headlines/Titles/Labels/Subject Lines

“On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy. It follows that unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90 percent of your money.” - David Ogilvy

I don’t share this to scare you - I share it to encourage you to put some focus on the headline/title/name/subject line. That way you have allocated attention to ensuring people will read/listen/watch whatever you created.

Before I started studying marketing I would put a whole gargantuan effort into the content then slap a title on it, breathless and fatigued from effort. These days I take time with the thoughtful and give it more thought. I invite you to do the same. 

You don’t need to take six months to do this - just give it some more thought than you have in the past.


Ideas for writing copy 

Once upon a time there was...

Every day...

One day...

Because of that...

Because of that...

Until finally...





Morale of the story (avoid x overcome y)

Happy ending (work with me to achieve this)

Get from A to B (are you at A? Come with me to B!)



Review the content FIRST. Next, download and complete the week 11 worksheet, "Messaging."

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website assessment tool

If you'd like to sanity check the flow of your website you can use this assessment tool. This is basic and you can always get more support through the weekly copywriting sessions with Jacqui.

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