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- MODULE 8 -




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This week we are discussing Sales! Let’s start with the caveat that I believe sales can be of sacred service. Also, language is a tool. We want to cultivate it as an ally. If the word sales fucks with your mojo, pick a different word. That is incredibly important. Please don’t skip that.

Stuck? Here are a few: Level-Up, Upgrade, Transformation, Evolution, Advance, Say Yes to You, get a Soul Promotion, buy a Boost, Expansion.


Be impeccable with your word. Be ON FIRE about your work. Be confident and clear in your offers. Kindle transformation in others irrespective of money exchange.

If you haven’t already heard me talk about this, I passionately believe that selling your work can change people’s lives. Whether its energy work that another person has never encountered, a fusion of methods they didn’t realize were complementary, or a premium package that they never dreamed they were worthy of - I know the existence of your work in the world can transform people’s thinking.

One of the ways that this happens is by being of deep service in a sales conversation. Later in the content I’m sharing with you a simple sample script that you can tailor for your needs. This is simple on purpose, so it can be a base for how you guide conversations and light so it doesn’t overwhelm you whether you are just starting out or trying to refine your technique.


If you aren’t clear and excited about your services, don’t be surprised if your customers aren’t either.

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If you are having trouble with the idea of charging for your work, consider these questions.

  • What energy would you have to hold to charge four times that amount? Four times your current prices?
  • What way does that version of yourself walk in the world? What boundaries does she have?
  • What results do people experience from working with you? If you aren't talking about your work and selling it, you are hiding that transformation from them.

I’ll highlight that you don’t have to have sales calls to generate income. But for most of the soul-led entrepreneurs reading this, you are being called to heal old patterns around being seen and receiving. Which means = practice having sales calls.



Get the most out of the Elemental Business Incubator by following the Module 8 checklist. Download the checklist and check off each step as you go!

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Download the Sales Calls Timeline & Guidelines document.


  • Information on what to do when a call is scheduled.

  • How to prepare the day before and the day of the call.

  • A script to guide you through the call.

  • What to do immediately after the call and within 24 hours of the call.



What’s your pipeline? How do people become aware of you? How do you invite them deeper into your world?

  • This can be as simple as talking about your work in the world and giving out your business card, inviting those interested to a call.

  • Or having a great blog and ending your posts with calls to action to schedule a call.

  • Or doing a multi-day challenge in your group and inviting folks to buy your program at the conclusion.

What’s important is that what you do is SOURCED in your alignment. It should feel good, like a stretch, and you should be showing up for it consistently.

If this feels overwhelming start with something simple.

  • Show up on your personal or business Facebook page and talk about your work.

  • Send out a regular transmission to your people.

  • Invite people to connect with you more deeply by scheduling a call with you.

This can be as simple as you let it be.

It will evolve over time. In order for it to evolve to the next level you have to start!

If this feels foggy just know you’ll also learn the Natural Marketing Method in the next module, Module 9. Consider your strengths and choose an activity that feels in alignment. As you engage in this over time you'll want to pepper in references to how to work with you and calls to action to move deeper into your world.

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Guided Visualizations

*The recording will begin a few seconds after pressing play.

Note: Why an Elemental? Because the work we do here is SACRED, not just practical. And our energetic allies reflect that.

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Listen to the Connect to Your Elemental guided visualization FIRST. Next, download and complete the Module 8 worksheet, "Clearing Sales Shame."



After doing the Worksheet on Clearing Sales Shame you may notice some dense energy or surprising insights. Use the process below to clear any anger, frustration or guilt. In this instance we are focused on sales, but the forgiveness practice is a wonderful way to shift energy any time you have resentment rise up, which is important for keeping your energy flow strong and clear.

  • What are the challenging thoughts? (Make as long a list as you need - the first time it may be several pages!)
  • What have I made this mean?
  • Write out “I forgive and clear” and name each instance.
  • Forgive yourself for your role in the situation.
  • Cultivate sacred space (lighting a candle works well here!) and offer love and light to all involved.
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