Week 12

Elemental Business Incubator Image.png



Welcome welcome to the final week of the Incubator!


I am so proud of you for making it through the past three months. Showing up powerfully and consistently makes you the real MVP.


This week I’m going to challenge you to reflect on the journey that you’ve made in our time together.


I ask you to do four things.


The first is to fill out a baseline document (you may remember this from the start of the Incubator). I invite you to complete this document and compare the Post-Work answers to your Pre-Work material and see what has shifted.


The second is to consider the emotional milestones and spiritual lessons that you’ve gone through over the past three months. This can be harder because it involves taking a look at what went well and what seemed to be fodder for your tell-all memoir. Do a download of all the things that happened and consider the themes. What has the Divine been trying to teach you in the past three months through the bumps and challenges?


Don’t scrimp on this, dear one. There is gold here.  


Third I want you to consider crowing about your progress. Taking time to unabashedly root for yourself and say “I did this” like the proud parent of a 6 year old on their first sports team. You have made incredible progress in a short period of time and I encourage you to revel in all that you have done.


Lastly, I invite you to come into your team chat and celebrate the progress of your teammates. What have they shifted? What milestones have they reached?


A bias towards celebration continues to slingshot the energy toward the future.

And we need you.