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What Are Oracle Cards?

Oracle cards are a divination tool, which is to say they are a conduit to receive divine support, messages from your Guides, and insights from your higher self.

Are Oracle Cards and Tarot different?

They are. Tarot is structured as a 78 card deck with major and minor arcana. While the images are different, each tarot deck will have these 78 cards with major and minor arcana*.

*I know you may not be familiar with that language - major arcana represents the big energy and if you’ve heard of Tarot you’ve probably heard of them, Death, The Fool, Justice, and so on. Minor arcana are the suits, like ace of wands, or cups. But anyway, back to oracle decks!

Oracle cards come in all shapes and sizes and themes. There are decks dedicated to the Moon, Angels, Mermaids, Kuan Yin, and so many more.

Oracle card decks also typically come with a booklet which can be quite extensive and explains the interpretation of each card (though its good practice to check in with yourself!).


Important notes about oracle cards

Not every deck will work for every person. I’ve gone into stores and 90% of the decks felt rather icky or disconnected to me. Don’t make yourself wrong! Trust your reactions.

As far as working with decks, I’ve seen some people knock on their deck or hold them to their chest to clear the energy. I’ve seen some folks shuffle like they were playing poker. I’ve seen some people “pick” the card by letting the deck drop out a card as they were shuffling. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Ask yourself what feels right and listen to what you hear.

Same thing with combining decks. I haven’t mixed cards except once, when I was doing a year long oracle reading (tuning in to the energy of each month for the year ahead).


For me I’ve found that I like to keep my oracle cards on my altar. Although I’ve had clients tell me they keep them everywhere from their purse to a bookshelf or even in their closet.

I find that my oracle decks don’t like to have objects on them. They don’t like anything to be resting on them, including other decks or my phone.

When you follow any of the prompts below be sure to take a moment or several and breathe, I like to imagine the question is with me in my hands. Just being centered really helps me feel the zing of truth when I pull the cards. Some folks light a candle, incense, or burn sacred plants to clear the air when they pull cards.


A Note on Interpretation

Like any muscle, intuition and listening to your Guides gets stronger and better over time. I am like a fine ballet dancer at this point (pointy toes! elegant arm sweep! Difficult moves with ease! etc) and I can feel a lot more than when I first began. For me a great deal of information resonates with me through my body. So I can feel if something is true for me because my gut has a specific feeling. Or I get goosebumps. And this is what I know by practicing and playing.

So if you don’t know yet what happens when you pull a card, what it means or what it means for you, ASK. Ask your Guides to show you. The next thing someone texts you may be it. Or what you see on someone’s t-shirt on the street. Ask, and then listen and watch closely. Your questions and requests for support are always answered. It just may not be in the medium where your question/request originated.

Types of Questions to Ask

Here are a few different issues you can explore using cards.

Your instinct might be to get a card from the deck and say how does this apply?! Sometimes you need to talk it through with a friend, journal it out or just let it simmer. You will get answers if you listen.



What’s behind this money issue?

What do I need to heal?

What do I need to focus on to move forward?

What’s blocking me from more abundance right now?

What do I need to do right now to make more money?

And naturally you don’t have to ask all of these questions at once, you can pick one that feels good or a few.


Including how to advertise and/or fill a program

What do I need to say?

How do I need convey it?

Where do I need to talk about my service?

And you might say, but how can this oracle deck tell me where?! It’s not exactly talking about Facebook or LinkedIn. But maybe it talks about emotional vulnerability so you need to go to a place where you do that.


(AKA What the fuck do I write about/speak about/podcast about, etc.)

What do my people need to hear?

Where are my people blocked right now?

What else do they need to know to connect with me?

This is a fun way to get ideas for topics!


Navigate a hard decision (e.g.,hiring someone, maneuvering through a boundary, work-life balance, etc.).

Here is a standard set of questions you can apply (if you aren’t sure what to ask).

Pull three cards, they’ll represent:

Where you are at,

What you are learning, and

Where you are headed.

Note - I am of the mind that there are very few hard decisions. There is just discomfort with decisions we’ve already made. Having said that it took me two years of trying to leave my toxic ex, sometimes you need space to build acceleration.


Pulling a single card can be a great daily practice - here are some ways you could do it.

With the question, how can I show up and be of service today?

As inspiration for the day.

As a frame for the energy.

As a question to journal on and sit with.

Sometimes I will leave a card (or cards) I’ve pulled out as a reminder. Other than that, I prefer to reshuffle and reintegrate the cards I chose back into the deck, before I put the deck back where it belongs (for me, on my altar).


For some people having a journal specifically to record messages from their cards is supportive. They’ll note the date and question asked and answer they got (along with their interpretation if its not straight forward). As ever, I encourage you to play. And do what feels best for you.


If you don’t have any oracle cards play with this free site online from Colette Baron-Reid.

You May find that some decks lend themselves more easily to the questions above. That’s totally fine.

When I first started using my oracle cards to ask business questions I realized that two of my decks weren’t really suitable. In retrospect I think the cards prefer not to be used for that purpose! ISIS and Kuan Yin by Alana Fairchild in case you’re wondering.

For me there isn’t a big rationale to choose one deck over another, other than your feeling of preference and connection.


Oracle deck Recommendations

Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild

This is the deck I brought to India with me. It has a lot of different messages in it and for that reason it feels like a perfect complement to business questions.

Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck by Alberto Villoldo and Colette Baron-Reid

This deck automagically found me in the wildness that is West Virginia. It is on the more expensive side but it definitely has magical properties.

I do believe when you are open the “right” deck will find you. Ask your Guides for help!

Rather than share a link to an online seller I suggest you purchase from your local independent bookstore. It’s good energy and keeps you and your cards in positive powerful relationship!