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What is my Divergence?

WHY is Divergence important?

Because when we see the same information over and over again our brain falls asleep. This is true for us, and for our audience.

If you hear coaches constantly talking about empowerment, your brain turns off or moves on.

If you hear designers constantly talking about branding, you shut down.

But if a spiritual teacher talks about working in national security?! TELL ME MORE.

Or a Reiki practitioner talks about FOREST REIKI?! What fresh awesome is this?! Tell me everrrrrrrything.

Understanding language that is DIVERGENT and DISRUPTIVE will you help you INCREASE the attention you get from your audience which ultimately translates into increased SALES.

What: Schedule a 50 minute call with your assigned partner to review the topic (when it wants to happen, it will! But focus on scheduling it in the next two weeks).

Before the partner session:

1. Think about 3-5 people in your industry/doing work similar to yours. These folks should be “typical” practitioners. Consider,

  a. their background,

  b. their training,

  c. what you know about the way they work, and

  d. anything else about them/their business that feels noteworthy. Note you may need to do a speck of research on their website to get clear on these differences.

2. Write down any ways that you differ from these folks and the industry norm (using the points above for reference).

3. On a scale from 1 to 5 assess your understanding of your divergence from industry norms/typical practitioners.


Discuss with your partner:

1. The type of work you are currently doing

2. What part of your background/work makes you unique

3. Anything else that feels noteworthy and makes you unique

4. Any ways you currently incorporate this uniqueness/difference/special sauce into your messaging on social media / sales pages

Call Guidelines: Expect to take about 50 minutes. Twenty minutes each to review divergence and questions, ten minutes to identify the biggest insights and close out. Use the discussion questions above (and see where you are led and what you learn!).

Objective: To crystallize insights about your divergence by discussing it and reinforce what you know about it. To get peer feedback. To connect with another stellar member of the Incubator crew.

After: the call is done you can share insights with your team chat on Voxer, and add what you learn to your Simple Soulful Business Blueprint.

Do you feel more clear after the partner call? Rate on a scale from 1 to 5 your understanding of your divergence. Let me know.