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crystal grids

What are they?

Crystal grids are the combination of crystals, design shapes and the power of your intentions.

Why do they work?

Think of a special place like a very old peaceful church or park where things just feel really, really good.

There is an energetic imprint on the land from people coming to that place with good energy, strong intention, over many years. A crystal grid is a way of invoking that level of imprint - which would normally happen over a long period of time - in a very short span (a few days or weeks).

How can this happen in such a short span? You’ll have to trust me. Frequencies that crystals emit and the shape of sacred geometry is powerful for shaping local space in support of specific outcomes. That's why labyrinths are so peaceful. It doesn't even matter where they are. It's about their shape and how local space (including people!) respond.

How to Create a Crystal Grid

You can use many different types of shapes for Crystal Grids.

Anything from Circles, Squares, Triangles, to an Infinity Loop. And more complex designs like Flower of Life or Metatron’s Cube.

Crystal grids traditionally employ sacred geometry like the flower of life or metatron’s cube but what’s most important is your intention.

I recommend using a cloth or a physical grid on which to place the crystals. I have also printed sacred geometry on paper and gotten it laminated at the local print shop (works like a charm!).



For crystal grids you can use smaller crystals that are the size of chocolate chips or a bit larger. Crystal shops or metaphysical stores typically sell these size crystals for a small amount of money. Some people will place a special crystal in the center of their grid. Again, what’s important here is what you feel called to do. You could place a quartz in the center of each grid, or a pinecone. Listen to that voice inside you. And if you don’t hear it yet, just keep checking in.

Different crystals do have different metaphysical properties and are commonly ascribed different support. For instance a malachite crystal is said to activate and clear all chakras and support deep transformation. This is different from lapis lazuli which is said to help you awaken your divine purpose.

Sidenote: you can search for the metaphysical meaning of different stones by looking online in your favorite search engine for “crystal metaphysical properties” with crystal replaced by the name of what you want to investigate. I do like the website Energy Muse for crystal interpretations - although I confess a lot of it is influenced by their gorgeous pictures.

When to use a Crystal Grid

It’s important to be very, very clear with your intentions. Here are some situations when you can use a crystal grid.

Abundance - when you want to draw in more money.

Stabilization - when you are feeling unsteady or just want a deeper anchor.

Coherence - when you want to integrate big energy, step up into a new level, enhance or embody your clarity.


Making the Grid

When you prepare the crystal grid I recommend you clear the energy of the space you will be working in. You can do this by lighting a candle, ringing a bell, clapping your hands, or burning incense.

You can imagine a series of lines connecting the crystals on the grid (in fact you can use the main crystal you put in the center to draw a line among the others).

Talk with your crystals and tell them your plans.

You can time your crystal grid with the full moon or new moon. But really whenever you feel called to do works.

If you get stressed or feel antsy you can always come back to work the grid again. Outlining your intentions, connecting the crystals, and speaking your gratitude for the support.

As with all these woo tools your imagination really sets the limit.  You could set one up to enhance the energy of an event, support results for your clients (I do!), or make it easier to launch a course. Let your gut be your guide.