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What is my Client Pipeline?

What: Schedule a 50 minute call with your assigned partner to review the topic (when it wants to happen, it will! But focus on scheduling it in the next two weeks).

Before the partner session:

1. Think about the first problem you solve for people

2. Write down the first thing they typically buy from you

3. After they are done with that first paid offer, what are they ready for next?

Don’t worry if you don’t have an offer for people for “next” after the first paid offer. This session is focused on your clarity. On a scale from 1 to 5 assess your understanding of your client pipeline.

These questions may sound simple but that’s deceptive. This should instigate some deep brain work about how you serve your people and how your business flows. Also, please don’t spin out on what things should look like or get angsty about future complexities. Planning can be helpful but I also want you to focus on what you know right now, and what’s helpful right now.


Discuss with your partner:

1. The first problem you solve for people

2. The first thing they typically buy from you

3. When they are done with the first paid offer, what they are ready for next.

4. Anything else you know about how you want clients to work with you more deeply over time

5. Ask for feedback and any intuitive insights your partner may have (on your pipeline, and across the board)

Call Guidelines: Expect to take about 50 minutes. Twenty minutes each to review pipeline and questions, ten minutes to identify the biggest insights and close out. Use the discussion questions above (and see where you are led and what you learn!).

Objective: To crystallize insights about your client pipeline by discussing it and reinforce what you know about it. To get peer feedback. To connect with another stellar member of the Incubator crew.

After: the call is done you can share insights with your team chat on Voxer, and add what you learn to your Simple Soulful Business Blueprint.

Do you feel more clear after the partner call? Rate on a scale from 1 to 5 your understanding of your client pipeline. Let me know.