Remember Your Truth. Rekindle Your Fire. Take Bold Action Towards Your Dreams.


it’s time to turn your magic all the way on. stop hustling for clients. stop watching marketing webinars. do your real work and call in the clients who need you.



→ You finally juggle your schedule around to create space that's "business time" only to find yourself sucked into the Facebook vortex.

→ You diligently watch webinars from experts that seem to say the same half-assed things over and over again - or worse - conflict with one another, totally wasting your time.

→ You hunger to stand up and succeed with your work and get immediately bogged down in mental spin and how you can possibly make it happen.

→ You know you need to start making real money in your business and everything you try to move forward seems to vanish into a blackhole.


You start to wonder if it's all really possible for you to have success, too.


on any given day...

Nothing is landing. There’s no energy.

It feels like there’s a missing piece and even though you’ve been searching and doing the work, and wow, it just feels like it’s taking a really long time.

You’re concerned you’re just spinning your wheels.

You follow up and you show up but there’s just crickets…

You’re hungry for a business that’s compelling, that comes from a place deep inside.


the techniques you see feel shitty

You don’t want to be pushy, invasive, salesy or gross in order to get clients.

The formulas you’ve been fed feel out of alignment and you hit resistance on the ways things should be done.

It’s not working and you feel like you’re running out of time and options to make this whole thing work.



→ The Incubator is a coaching program for women who want next-level strategy and support in their soul-led business.

→ It's a group program with highly individualized attention where you learn step by step how to create a business that aligns with your strengths and talents, instead of contorting your soul.

→ It covers strategy and implementation so you can take action and see results right away.

→ Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you can't slow down or speed up, this is for you. That’s because we focus on leveraging your unique strengths to build your business model.

The truth is, you’re magical. And you need a business program that honors that.

“Before I worked with Steph, I was feeling frustrated and wondering if I should take a break from my biz - or maybe even quit. I quickly realized, with Steph’s help, that I just needed to pivot. Steph introduced me to the soul of my business - and from there - everything changed.

Steph has a way of knowing exactly what you need to hear - and do, to make your business and life feel like home again.

I worked through anxiety and complete overwhelm, and can finally feel joy in my life and trust my body.

I’m on way to make six figures for the first time and I feel happy and excited - and most of all, my business feels true to who I really am and the life I want to live.

I cannot thank her enough. If you’re on the fence, take the leap, my friend. It was one of the best decisions I ever made - even though I was scared to invest; it paid off a million, million times more in business, and life."

Medium & Business Mentor, Boston, MA


This is one of a kind.

→ Is it 1:1 coaching? Yes.

→ Is it group coaching? Yes.

→ Is it a mastermind? Yes.

Does that sound like it’s many things? Good! Because it is. It’s a goddamn octopus of love.

My Business Incubator is flexible and bends as you need it to. It's supportive so you won't get left behind. It's built in community with kind souls who are choosing to be brave. It's everything you need and nothing you don't.



Organized and flexible

Centered on your strengths with a clear plan for success

A schedule that feels spacious with clear priorities

A vision for what you are calling in

Spiritual anchors keeping you connected with Divine Support and your Highest Self

Sailing past resistance and slicing through fear with techniques that work for you

More peace and pleasure than you've ever had

Playful and powerful energy, connecting with signs and synchronicities in the language of the Divine

At this new level you magnetize opportunities. Clients find you in the most magical (and at times peculiar!) ways. You break into the conspiracy of support from the Divine and feel like everything is coming together more beautifully than you could have ever imagined.

"The ongoing support that she provides is peerless.

You know, where are you going to find somebody that is that brilliant and that authentic? Who is, okay… she’s woo. She is so woo. And her credentials… her real world credentials, okay, solid.

She’s a find."

Amy Hallberg, Master Certified Life Coach, The Courageous Wordsmith
"Steph is sympathetic. She knows her stuff. She reads her clients really well.

She helped me to get my website to a place where it really speaks to what I do. I coach now weekly while I also am building foundations for my business. And well, I’m starting a podcast and laying groundwork for an online community. And also, by the way, I’m taking steps forward on publishing my book. Now, that was in the works when I met Steph but I don’t know that I could have gotten that book, that final manuscript, over the finish line if I didn’t have Steph to help me move forward.”

Amy Hallberg, Master Certified Life Coach, The Courageous Wordsmith




When you create a strong, supportive framework for your business, you spend MORE time in your craft, not less.

Sister, I do want you to focus on being remarkable in your craft.

What I know for sure is when you don't align your business in a way that supports you and reflects your strengths, you spend HEAPS of time in acrobatic tension, jumping around pretzeled trying to figure out what you "should" be doing.

This is a ridiculous waste of time.

And as I'm sure you've noticed... there are enough challenges in the world without getting in your own way.



Sweet lady, you have been trying. Are you delighted with the outcome?

There are a million people out there advocating the hustle and grind fatigue footwork.

I engaged in that lifestyle and stepped away with a thyroid condition.

What I know for sure is this:

• you can ditch that shit,

• keep a happy and healthy partnership,

• enjoy hobbies and work, and

• have a thriving practice.


Don't let the Muggle Struggle fool you into thinking business has to be hard or ugly.

Whether your stress levels skyrocket when you think about money or you can't stand being on social media, there is a way to make business work for you.

When you are committed to showing up for your Calling you have to move through phases where you expand.

Expansion happens with your inspired action. It happens as you move towards what is more fun, more you. It happens as you face your fears, too.

"Working with Steph has been nothing short of life changing. Working with her has transformed my stumbling blocks into launching pads, allowing me to move ahead in my purpose with a new and unwavering confidence.

My journey has been nothing short of a struggle at times, reminiscent of a caterpillar breaking out its cocoon. Steph came in as a powerful guide during this struggle, coaching me through the many twists and turns required to finally break free of the darkness and fly into the light.

Steph has a brilliant way of reflecting my own magic back to me and strongly encouraging me to put my insights into action.

Steph is a beautiful bridge between the Woo and the world. She has the ability to intuitively guide her clients from spiritual insights into practical reality. Her strong presence, wisdom, and insights have helped usher my own unique expression of gifts and talents into the world. Working with her has moved my business, and myself, leaps and bounds in a very short period of time. "

Jenn Wolfe, Coach and Guide for Wayfinders @MyTruface
"Before The Incubator, I felt stuck and struggling. I wasn’t inspired by any of the “expert” strategies, and I didn’t trust my own ideas and abilities enough to implement anything.

Steph gave me perfect-sized challenges to stretch me and build my self-confidence and gain traction. She helped me trust my own intuition, to dare to follow through on my ideas and stretch my creativity muscles. I have done more playing and creating in my business during the Incubator than at any other time.

I finished The Incubator having the most fun and passion for my coaching business and my purpose that I’ve ever had."

Ray DePaola, Coach and Nature's Wingman,
"In the middle of a confusing time, the heavens parted and delivered me Steph Lagana. She's truly a miracle worker. I had so much clarity + definitive next steps as a result of the space she held for me - after months of fogginess! It's a genuinely gifted guide that knows what the right Qs are to evoke gems from your own inner wisdom. Run to work with her."

Ixchel Lara, Healer and Writer at


You don't have to use a spammy framework to run your business.

You don't have to engage in gross tactics that don't feel aligned.

Sales can be sacred and wonderful.

Marketing can be easy and fun.

It's time to ditch the shitty stories about being in business.


Business doesn't have to suck. Quite the reverse. It can be a HELL of a lot more fun than you ever thought it could be. It can be MAGICAL AF, generating more joy and play than you ever dreamed.




 Hello dear one!

I'm your "fearless" leader. As a Seer and a former business badass in the national security space, I created this program to support YOU in building a business that doesn't suck out your Soul. I know you can use simple frameworks to create powerful empires & truly come alive with your Gifts.

I came into my talents as an intuitive in the last decade and realized there is a deep seated need for the masterful blend of masculine and feminine energies in business. We need more aligned action. We need more generative pauses.

I know the miraculous energy that comes from uniting these two sides of myself.

I'd love to help you do the same.

"Working with Steph has been nothing short of life changing. My time spent with Steph was nothing short of miraculous.

We identified what was really underneath my desire to uplevel my business and how to do it. The guidance from Steph was incredibly clear and powerful, and only confirmed all the intuitive guidance I have been receiving in the past few months regarding how to transform my business.

As a life coach who regularly works with intuition and shamanism, it is very refreshing to work with someone who not only "speaks the language," but also can walk between the physical and intangible realms and offer practical steps.

Steph is a gem!"

Juliet Tang, Intuitive Life Coach at
“Steph has intuitive super powers! Her work has helped dissolve my Type-A business development tendencies to create more space for aligned action and upgraded energy as the drivers for sending my magic out into the world. Steph nurtures, guides and challenges the fiber of what you think you know to reveal with clarity the soul of your business.

In just 5 weeks, I’ve gained new 1:1 clients, had 2 articles published by large websites and created space for relationships to bloom into collaboration and partnership opportunities.”

Elena Sonnino, Coach at


We go through this journey together. In my private community, you’ll have me and my team, plus a whole circle of other women around you to support and cheer you on. I call in your Divine Support Team so you can feel your energetic allies. Whether you need ideas for sales copy, a pep talk with some Divine love, or a funnel reviewed, I've got you.

Designed to kickstart you with a vavoooom of Divine energy, we’ll address boundaries and sacred space, setting intentions and the energy for the next 9 months and beyond. You get LIFETIME ACCESS to the program and I've had students come back for second and third rounds to deepen their experience of the material and the magic.

You’ll get all your burning questions answered. We’ll talk through a structured framework to make sure you get every need met over the course of our time together. We’ll also have lots of space for pop up questions and challenges that need ninja like response. If this is more your style I let you buy additional 1:1 calls at a massive discount.

We'll cover the questions you never even thought of through the power of our magical collective. It's an amazing way to keep the energy flowing and momentum high. The insights are potent and the resonance across the group deepens your transformation.

Whether you have biz questions or you’ve been having funny dreams or a crow has been following you around and you’re not sure if that means something, bring your question to Office Hours and plug in for support and peace of mind.

When you’re ready to start writing sales pages and sharing your latest offer on social you might feel stuck or overwhelmed. No worries, I’ve got you. Our talented team has a fabulous copywriter that can help you find the best words to draw those clients towards you with ease and grace.

Sometimes you just need someone to listen or say "Great job!" and let's face it, entrepreneurship can be soooooo lonely. When you enroll you get added to a small team chat (5 amazing women max) so you can get support and stay connected in between calls. Need to share a celebration and do a victory lap? Your new biz besties will have you. Stuck with a problem but need feedback before the next Office Hours or Group Coaching Call? Bring it on.

I’ll offer teachings resonant with the energy of the week to help you stay tuned in energetically and practically in your business building. I’ll deconstruct problems, offer pep talks, drop you love notes about exciting media opportunities and generally sparkle the shit out of your world.


A customized energy healing session with a talented shamanic practitioner to remove the biggest block that has been holding you back from your time to shine (this is fucking priceless!)

8 Guided Visualization journeys to integrate Divine energy into your practice ($399 Value)

Meet the Soul of Your Business, Connect with Your Future Self, and Meet the Divine Program Manager to name a few! (The rest are surprises 😘)

2 Hour Master Your Money Mindset Method Workshop ($149 Value) to clear and reset your money relationship for your Rise!

Soul-cial Media Playbook: How to Playfully Master Social Media to Quantum Leap Your Business Forward ($59 Value)

AND a special prezzie in the mail to help you stay aligned with the juicy energy coming your way


All together that's over $16,500 (YES, sixteen-thousand dollars) of support. I have created this program to have EVERYTHING you need. And NOTHING you don't. And you don't have to take out a boat loan to invest in upgrading your life and business. Seriously.


 best value

Full payment of $5,500 USD

When you pay in full you get two additional one-to-one calls with me and a customized energy chart to address your biggest blocks.

Most Flexible

The Payment Plan is seven payments of $790 USD.

There is an administrative fee of $100 for the payment plan.



→ I am not here to bullshit you. This is not the only business building program out there. This is an opportunity, opening right in front of you.

→ The old version of you is stuck in the constrained logic - how can I? How can I invest in another program when old ones didn't work? How can I convince my partner this time it will really work?

→ But the new you is committed to getting it done. She knows she needs to find a new way - because the cost of staying the same is too high.

"If you’re thinking about doing the incubator with Steph… stop thinking, just do it. It was honestly one of the best things I’ve done for myself and for my business.

I am a mom of 4 and I have a small business on the side that I’ve really been looking to grow and build. I’ve been so caught up in the stress and the frenzy and the hustle and all the things that I should be doing, that overwhelm was my constant companion. And Steph helped me find clarity. She helped me figure out who I really want to be in my business.

To connect in such a deeper way to my soul, to my purpose and to bring all of that energy into what I am doing has been magical.

Erica Jones, Down to Earth Wellness


The Incubator is composed of two phases. Phase One of the Incubator covers all the essential topics you need for a thriving business - from a different energetic perspective that you haven’t heard before.


1 - Foundation -- You clear out what isn't working and set a powerful base for your success.

2 - Business in the New Paradigm -- You learn the Divine framework for growth including all the counter-intuitive rules!

3 - Niche + Soul Genius -- You dive into the lessons you've learned & see how the Divine has been guiding you all along. You get powerful reflection from me on your Soul Gifts and focus your practice in a way that feels delicious.

4 - Money -- You heal your relationship with money, finally, and learn the steps to keep yourself continuously high-vibe.

5 - Marketing -- You'll discover how your strengths form a completely natural marketing method that sustains your business. I'll help you craft a strategy for you to show up that feels super-powered and clear.

6 - Sales -- You’ll learn to have a sales conversation with ease and master the mindset needed to love client enrollment. I give you scripts if you need backup and guidelines so you know what to do from the moment a call is scheduled to your services are booked.

7 - Mindset -- You'll explore what disconnects and keeps you on track, learning your personal formula for enduring success.

8 - Systems and Tech -- You'll set up systems that support you staying in your magic and learn how to automate the rest.

9 - Capstone -- We'll dive deep to review all the expansion and knowledge from the first phase. Ensuring you can integrate with ease and keep the delicious treasure you've uncovered. This is a key step almost all courses neglect and an essential milestone so you can transition into the second half of the program seeing how much has shifted.


Phase Two is a major pivot and it has some secrets that I can’t reveal - but it incorporates heaps of woo and is focused on refining your messaging, marketing and systems to make sure you have everything you need to soar. During this phase you’ll be partnered with other amazing entrepreneurs in my close knit community to discuss your messaging, energetic business model, social media moves and more.

This partnering is an intentional teaching power move to help you deepen your awareness of what you do in a whole new way. I’ll also teach you bits of woo including how to set up your personal altar, use oracle cards for business, and other magical tools to call in prosperity and sweetness in every area of your life.

Even if you have already taken multiple courses from other practitioners on how to grow your business you will learn new tools to help you get more clients and grow your business baseline. I have a completely unique framework to help you accelerate.

"Steph is an amazing coach. She can see through your brain trash; that gunk in your head that gets in your way. The way you sabotage yourself with mindless journeys and rabbit holes that go nowhere. She helps you to focus and stay aligned with that vision that you have in your head that sometimes is hard to bring to reality.

Steph is one of the best coaches when it comes to her loyalty. She is fiercely loyal to your success and to your journey. And allowing you to find what works for you, not just how she thinks you should do it. She allows you to create your own garden of amazing possibilities."

Shellie Miller, Empowerment Coach at 4ATribe Coaching


The Incubator is for you if:
You’re ready to show up more powerfully in your business than you ever have before.

You’re not getting the results you want in business and you’re willing to learn and experiment.

You are self aware and open to exploring what works best for YOU.

You have a tingly energy moving through you at the thought of signing up, even if it doesn't make logical sense.

The Incubator is NOT for you if:
You aren’t committed to your business and clear on why you want to succeed.

You think you just need the right tech and don’t need to worry about mindset issues.

You have unprocessed trauma or deep healing that needs to be done. Please, get that support first.

You have no comfort level with Woo, or talk of the Divine makes you uneasy.






"To say the last five months have been transformative would be an understatement. And I genuinely don’t think I would be where I am today if it hadn’t have been that connection and taking that leap of joining Steph’s Incubator and her amazing Facebook group and honestly just simply getting to talk to her.

It’s truly amazing the intuitive capabilities she has and the way she helps you see clearly what you truly want and what is best for your journey."

Cait Cooke, Glass Cliff Divas

best value

Full payment of $5,500 USD

When you pay in full you get two additional one-to-one calls with me and a customized energy chart to address your biggest blocks.

most flexible

The Payment Plan is seven payments of $790 USD.

There is an administrative fee of $100 for the payment plan.


Incubator FAQ

I want this but now isn’t the right time.
If you are thirsty for this work but have a vacation with your beau coming up or are just sorting out some other things that need to be tidied, you can also sign up for the Incubator during open enrollment and delay your start for UP TO SIX WEEKS. I've had several clients enjoy choosing this delayed start (getting their house decluttered, children sent off to school, and so on) while still getting the benefits of energetic uplift from being in my bubble.

Do I need to be intuitive?
I help you do that. Most of my clients significantly increase their intuitive abilities during their time with me.

I’ve been through so many other programs and nothing has worked.
If you are 100% committed to your success, we can create a way for you to move forward in your business. I specifically pull in support to help you address energy blockages and get you to dig deep to increase your understanding of how you work so we can create strategies that work for you.

Do you offer refunds?
If you participate in my programs or courses understand that your investment is a decision to complete the work in its entirety and I will not offer refunds of any kind (full or partial). I deliberately make my material available as lifetime access so that if personal challenges happen you can pick the coursework up again when you are ready. Please respect the remarkable investment of heart energy I have put into my business and do not ask for a refund.

What’s the format/how is it delivered?
It’s a combination 1:1 support, group, mastermind, octopus of love. You’ll get the training material through my membership site and that is a combination of written material to read, prompts to work through, and a small number of videos (the data on how much people retain from videos is clear - it’s not the best teaching tool! And I am super focused on how to help you move forward). The Incubator has all these components because I’ve woven them in over time and it works amazingly well.

What if I can't make the calls?
The group coaching calls are usually on Fridays between the hours of 9 - 5 PM Eastern. The 1:1 calls are based on your calendar and mine and most of my availability is Wednesday-Friday from 9 AM - 4:30 PM Eastern. Don't let calendars hold you back if you feel the Call.

But what if I need more 1:1 time than what you offer?
If you need to add on more calls I do give you the option to purchase more for a small fee (right now the additional calls are 7 calls for $1,000 and that is a frakkin deal!).

This is so much money.
It’s a bit below what a business owner can make in an average month. I have multiple other practitioners that collaborate with me to support you in unlocking your gifts and a great deal of time and energy goes into creating the optimal environment for you to thrive. Trust me when I say I could charge three times for this work but I ain’t about that life. You get LIFETIME ACCESS to the program and any upgrades I make as part of that.

Why are you the right person for me?
I’ve seen and lived what works and what doesn’t for soul-led entrepreneurs and this isn’t just a program - this is my Calling. I was born to help others remember and lady, it’s your time. I am more committed to your results than any other practitioner you’ve met. Which is why I can only take the people who are ready to be ALL IN to this work.

Who is not a good fit? Who doesn’t this program work for?
This program is purpose built to teach soul-led entrepreneurs how to grow a business that aligns with their strengths, respects their energy, and calls in the clients they need.

Most of my Incubator clients are 1) in their first 3-5 years of business, and 2) are service-based. Less frequently I do have artists and other folks who sell products that join in, and business owners who have been doing their work longer (as much as 12+ years!). The most important thing is that you feel a desire to work with me.

Thankfully there have only been a few types of personalities that haven’t clicked well. They are:
1. people who aren’t willing to trust the process (you need to trust me in order for us to do this work together) and
2. people who don’t want to take any action (this isn’t therapy even though there can be heaps of healing space).


I hold the vision that you will come into alignment between your Calling and the way you walk with it in the world. Whether or not I am the best Guide for you, I want you to know the Truth that it is possible for you to be WILDLY JOY-FILLED in your business. Keep aligning with the truth in your deepest center and following the nudges.

The world is on fire, dear one. We have oceans inside of ourselves. It's time for us to be serving in the world, and being nourished for that service. It's time. It's time. It's time. Let's do this!

If you have questions you can drop me a line at hello [at] mythical enterprises [dot] com

Lots of Love,


"If you feel called to work with Steph, just do it. She's amazing. Her framework is amazing. It is clear. It made sense to me. Most of the business stuff that I had taken before, I kind of cognitively get it, but I didn't really get it. I didn't understand it in a way that I do understand at a deeper level, like I really get what I'm doing, and why I'm doing it, and how I'm doing things now, that I didn't really understand.

So don't wait. Don't put it off. If you feel called to it, just do it."