Do you struggle to make powerful progress in your business?


Do you Rail at the Spammy Frameworks Offered by Business Coaches But Get lost in your own spin cycle?


 Maybe you need to create a funnel for your lead magnet and it scares the heck out of you. Maybe your visibility demons go wild at the thought of posting your programs. Maybe you haven’t offered your services for sale and need a Paypal link. Maybe the fear overrides your connection to your why and you need to remember who you are on the deepest of levels to overcome that paralysis. 


It’s the practical and the ethereal that call to you. Inner and outer work. Spirit and logic.

Technical widget talk AND spirit guides.


EVEN IF you struggle to discern your intuitive hunches from your mental spin.

Or Tarot cards from a standard poker deck.


I know you can use an ancient practice like dreamwalking to get insights for the next phase of your business and having a practical bookkeeping system to track expenses and profit.

Walking, finally, in both worlds. I know it, because I do it. And I assure you, dear one, I did not start this way...




Elemental - Simple, essential, no unnecessary frippery (or work, or chaos), and

Elemental - The core energies - fire, air, water, earth


Incubator - Maintaining conditions suitable for growth, and

Incubator - Guidance, structure, mentoring


Elemental Incubator - The core conditions for your business success guided by Divine support. 


You need to follow the energy, not subscribe to a formula.

Let's be clear, 94% of business gurus don’t get the energetic component.


But… there’s a lot happening in the energies right now (to say the least).

Following only the energy can put you into a neverending twirl.

You need structure. That allows for spontaneity.


You need spiritual discipline and structured freedom.

You need intuitive knowing and practical accountability.


You're thirsty. And your spidey sense is telling you there has Got To Be a Better Way.


the elemental business incubator

You'll step in to a space, a community, with other deeply connected entrepreneurs that are part of your network, for life. Bonds that you will never forgo. Understanding that can’t be distilled from a textbook.

I’ll help you establish stretch goals - not so big you’ll fall and become disillusioned. Not so small it keeps you in your zone of comfort. You’ll have a soulful yet practical lens that supports you in deciding what to do and what NOT to do.

burn down the obstacles and rekindle your inner fire

What can happen when you reframe Uncertainty, Rejection, and cultivate Laser Focus? When you infuse your life with spiritual discipline, intuitive knowing, and accountability? 


Not just incremental steps. And you will emerge with results.

This incubator will take you through Bolder Moves and Deeper Play. 



breeze past your obstacles by honoring your intuition and engaging the divine

  • Six weeks of supported activities to build and advance the infrastructure of your business
  • Six guided visualizations that support you uncovering the soul of your business
  • Three 1:1 coaching calls for each entrepreneur, clearing through inner and outer blocks with ease and grace
  • Mastermind support with intimate group (five entrepreneurs or fewer) through Voxer - share celebrations, get pep talks, get support on questions, and MAINTAIN MOMENTUM.
  • Six weeks of Clarity, Rocket Fuel, and Play. An investment of just $1200

In six short weeks you can be in breathtaking possession of spiritual alignment and technical ease in your business.

Is it your time?

Steph is a soulful, creative and deeply compassionate Coach. Don’t expect Steph to just be floating out to the cosmos. She also has a strategic and analytic mind and she combines that with her authentic desire to see others succeed. I hired session for a Intuitive Business Infusion session that I adored. Steph helped me to put together doable action steps and re-connect with my soul - my unique pathway to bringing joy back into my business.

You’ll love Steph. I guarantee it!
— Bev Barnes, Master Certified Life Coach,
Steph is a like a laser-guided scalpel for your life and business. Her project management experience coupled with her powerful intuition and Divine Team help her to pinpoint with wild accuracy just what can be tweaked and where the blocks may be. Her help with copywriting a sales page helped me fill a coaching class and her support and insight throughout the business building process has been invaluable.
— Angela Winter, Voice and Creativity Coach,
Steph has spiritual x-ray vision!
— Rosie Dalton, Midlife Coach,

Frequently Asked Qs

Q: Do you offer refunds?

I know this program WORKS -- but you don't know that YET - so I am asking you to take a risk by signing up. But for real, I don't want to take your money if this doesn't work for you. If you do the work and you're still not earning more money within 60 days we'll do a 60 minute one-on-one and figure out what's going wrong and get you onto a personalized plan to make it happen. 

I think this will be the most effective entrepreneurship program you've ever been in HANDS DOWN. But, if it doesn't work for you, you can ask for a refund and we'll still remain friends.

Q: What happens after the Incubator?

A: After you participate in and complete the Elemental Business Incubator, you'll be eligible to join my business lab which is an amazing place to receive continued support and maintain the outstanding inertia you gain through the incubator.