Channeling Reflection Qs

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hello dear one,  

Thanks for joining me in this, a private foyer in my digital home. I'd love some feedback from you on your recent experience with my channeling. Grab yourself a cuppa tea and sit with me, will you? It will only take a few minutes. Promise-skie. 

Plain language and your emotions are gold. Just breathe deep and answer from the heart.

All my love,

xx Steph oo

The Call *
What was your inner whisper that prompted you to take advantage of a channeled message? Check whatever applies.
Is there something in your life that you've been trying to achieve/struggling with that the message addressed?
What was the most life-shifting part of the channeled message?
Has anything shifted in your Life/Business/Body as a result? Tangible, measurable forward bounds that you recognize.
After you received the message and sat with it a spell was there anything that felt unfinished? Were there any other aspects you would have liked to explore more deeply?
Right now, what's next? What are you creating/striding towards?
Do you have everything you need to achieve that big, thrilling goal?
And last but not least, if a fabulous friend said to you, How'd it go with Steph? Should I reach out to her? What would you tell them?
Any other comments on how to improve the channeled message service? Suggestions or critiques?
Name *
Testify! *
Are you open to having me share your feedback in a testimonial on my website? (And don’t worry — you’ll be able to review & make edits, before anything goes live.)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts & reflections with me. Wishing you magnificent happiness & major momentum!