Julia Jones
Working with Steph is miraculous. She has an ability to both hold you gently in a safe space AND see through whatever nonsense you may be telling yourself or trying to serve up for others that is uncanny. Steph has led me to greater insights about myself, about my talents, and about what I can do in the world. I’ve taken steps with her guidance that I never would have even considered taking on my own. Her advice, her time, and her guidance are invaluable. If you have the chance to work with her, do it. If you are on the fence, take a deep breath, and then work with her. No matter what business you are trying to develop you will be immensely happy with that choice.
— Julia Jones, Author & Coach, juliajones.com
Steph helped me get into a space where I could do business from the clouds. I set down my books and laptop, and connected with “Source” or “The One” or whatever you want to call it, so that I could see my business from a different perspective. Pretty freakin’ awesome stuff - and I walked away with a fresh knowledge of answers I already had inside of me the whole time. Thank you for your beautiful work.
— -R.L. BC, Canada
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Angela Winter
Steph is a like a laser-guided scalpel for your life and business. Her project management experience coupled with her powerful intuition and Divine Team help her to pinpoint with wild accuracy just what can be tweaked and where the blocks may be. Her help with copywriting a sales page helped me fill a coaching class and her support and insight throughout the business building process has been invaluable.
— Angela Winter, Voice and Creativity Coach, angelapetersonwinter.com
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Bev Barnes
Steph is a soulful, creative and deeply compassionate Coach.  Don’t expect Steph to just be floating out to the cosmos.  She also has a strategic and analytic mind and she combines that with her authentic desire to see others succeed.  I hired session for a Intuitive Business Infusion session that I adored.  Steph helped me to put together doable action steps and re-connect with my soul -  my unique pathway to bringing joy back into my business.

You’ll love Steph.  I guarantee it!
— Bev Barnes, Founder of the Soul's Calling Academy and Martha Beck Master Certified Life Coach, soulscallingacademy.com
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Sasha Mobley
Coaches need coaches—don’t hire one that doesn’t have one. I hired Steph to give me guidance during a transition in my profession that needed insight that all the normal channels were failing to provide. Her warmth and humor and singular methodology gave me the boost I needed. Thank you Steph. You are a true original.
— Sasha Mobley, Coach and Best Selling Author of The Strong Woman Trap, www.sashamobley.com
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Joe Rutland
I had an incredible session with Steph Lagana. Steph, through her style of coaching and teaching, provided such an immense amount of clarity to my business going forward.

Her presence and attention were at a “soul work” depth and helped me get clear on my niche. Her focus to what was said (and unsaid), and the feedback which I received, provided me with a safe space to get real, raw, honest, and authentic about my own business and its future goals.

She’s the real deal. Her style, intuitive at a far-reaching depth, is a breath of fresh air. Reach out to her if you want guidance along your business path.
— Joe Rutland, Copywriter for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, iamjoerutland.com
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Steph is pure in thought, word and action. She inspires and challenges me to be more ME. And she’s funny and has a beautiful gift of writing with wit and poignant messaging that resonates with me.
— Anonymous
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Steph’s guidance was spot on — you can trust what she tells you. Go for it!
— Nona
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Steph always seems to have just the right message at just the right time.
— Julia
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Reach out to her—she’s a practical shaman. I’m a practical person and I love that her wisdom is actionable!
— Kathy
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Steph’s intuitive gifts paired with compassionate listening and coaching skills will help you bust through the internal negativity and reach for your deep wisdom.
— Angela
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We began the Inside Track, one pre-work assignment and I’m already changed.
— Julie
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Kaliopi Nikitas
She is an intuitive mystic and there is an energy about her that resonates. Totally reach out to her.
— Kaliopi Nikitas
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I had quite a number of large life changes in process, and I was overwhelming myself with research and analysis. Blurgh. I knew I could get a beautiful combination of smarts, intuition, experience, and creative exploration in a session with Steph. My session with her was profound. I felt seen, understood, and supported. Her words and kindness have lingered, and I’ve been able to return to both as I continue to navigate my path. I’ve gained peace. Confidence. More levity about the whole damn thing.
— Anonymous
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Julie Lamonica
Steph surprised and delighted me with her magical, incisive coaching.  She helped me shift my priorities by honing in quickly on my stuck places, which I simply could not see for myself.  I loved how she treated my crappy thinking with easy irreverence - Steph was exactly what I needed!
— Julie Lamonica
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In session with her I saw how my purpose and business was going to have a global impact. A year later, things are coming into place so quickly and I’m connecting with people and places on an international level. This was the door that opened up EVERYTHING for me.
— Christine
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Michelle D.
She has an amazing gift and I feel so blessed I’ve had the opportunity to work with her. My life is better and my path is clearer! She uses all her senses but also channels universal love and Divine guidance.
— Michelle D.
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